Green Dials Are Suddenly the Hottest Trend in Watches

Five or six years ago, you couldn’t throw a rock at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (“Fancy Watch Show,” effectively) in Geneva without hitting a green-dialed watch. Since then, Swiss industrial designers ditched the grassy tones in favor of wilder designs, yielding emoji-covered timepieces and watches bursting with shimmering, lab-grown diamonds. This year, however, it would seem that we’re once again collectively seeing green, and brands from Hamilton to Blancpain to Moser to TAG Heuer are dropping pieces that would camouflage well in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

What’s with all the green, you might ask? Hard to say, but—well—it sure worked the last time the industry tried it. Back in 2019, green was all the range, and given that production cycles on new watch models take 3-5 years, it could simply be that the Swiss took a hint and are turning the green faucet back on. (This year’s Pantone color is “Peach Fuzz,” so we can’t exactly attribute the trend to the color gods.) Whatever the reason for the horological zeitgeist’s verdant inclination, there are quite a few greenos out there these days—and we feel like you should know about ‘em.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Auto

Modern pilot’s watches generally pull from one of (or a mix of) significant designs from the past—think the flieger watches of the Second World War or the slightly more contemporary feel of the IWC Mark 11. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Auto seems to draw mostly from the flieger designs, but while these featured exclusively black dials, Hamilton’s design uses a playful green. Offset with lumed sword hands and paired to a brown leather strap, it’s certainly a handsome (if slightly unconventional) look, but the 42mm steel case and automatic H-30 movement mean that it doesn’t have to be babied in the slightest. Clocking in at $995, it’s quite the value proposition.

H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Tourbillon

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