Free Printable Mother’s Day Questionnaire To Share Love and Laughs

Move aside, hand-drawn portraits and paper flowers! Our free printable Mother’s Day questionnaire is the way to celebrate the special women in your students’ lives. This questionnaire is a sweet, funny way to show moms, grandmas, and other mother figures that they’re appreciated. Plus it develops students’ writing skills and creates a keepsake that families will keep long after the school year ends. And yes, you can still pair it with a bouquet of those paper flowers for a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

Grab the questionnaire by filling out the form on this page. Plus check out ways to use the Mother’s Day questionnaire in your classroom below.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printable

Mom Show-and-Tell

After they have completed the questionnaire, have each student present it to their mom. If you can’t have the moms come in, have each student bring in a photo or share a picture of mom. Students practice their presentation skills and their moms get to share in the creativity of your classroom.

Gather Mom Data

Use the questions on this questionnaire as a springboard to graph and present information about moms in your class.

  • Graph the estimated ages of mothers and grandmothers in your class. How many moms are over age 60? Any grandmothers over age 100?
  • If your students are older, calculate the estimated average and range of moms’ ages. (This analysis could be a humorous addition to a classroom newsletter as well.)
  • Graph moms’ favorites. How many moms just love to play tag? Or have pizza as their favorite food? Is there anything that most moms forget? Do moms tend to be good at any particular common skill?

Turn Questions Into Art

After students have completed the questionnaire, have them use it to inspire a piece of Mother’s Day art. Can they create a sculpture of mom’s favorite food? Maybe a piece of wall art with mom’s favorite quote? Use these questions and answers to inspire Mother’s Day presents for the 21st century.

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