Ford adds first-gen-style instruments to all current Mustangs

On top of announcing the 60th Anniversary Edition, Ford revealed that it has a little treat for all current-generation Mustang owners. Using over-the-air updates, Ford is adding a new custom gauge option for the digital instrument cluster, and it emulates the gauges of the original.

The new instrument panel features skeuomorphic graphics that have the dual circular speedometer and tachometer like the original, down to the chrome ring and needle centers, narrow font and red needles. Though it’s only the speedometer and tachometer that adopt the retro look, with coolant temperature, center information section and fuel gauge remaining more modern in design. But they will retain the same color scheme as the retro graphics to help them match.

Based on the images, the look seems to work quite well. We’ll be interested to see them in person, and how they work. Afterall, the original gauges, as shown in the above Instagram video, have loads of depth and dimension to them, being physical gauges from an era when automakers were still willing to make ornate instruments. 

This is the second retro gauge cluster Ford has released for the current-generation Mustang, too. When the car launched, it got a set of gauges based on the late-model Fox Body Mustangs, down to the pale green hue for when they’re “illuminated” (since the screen-based gauges are always illuminated to some extent).

The update is completely free for every current-generation Mustang, regardless of powertrain or trim. It will be available to add wirelessly starting today. And it’s a very neat way to include more Mustang owners in on the celebration of the model’s history. It also leaves us wondering what other Mustang gauge designs will be added in the future. Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us what gauges you’d like to see added.

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