Fisher Price has a ‘Stanley cup’ for toddlers—and it’s selling out like the real thing

If you’ve so much as opened TikTok in the last two or three years, you’re probably aware of the Stanley Tumbler craze. Those giant water bottles are everywhere — like, people line up outside of stores overnight to be the first to get their hands on new colors and limited edition drops, and special editions, like the collab Stanley did with Starbucks, sell out in minutes and resell for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars online. And now, if you’re the kind of trendy person who takes their Stanley Tumbler everywhere with you, your toddler can have one to match — eventually. Because yes, there’s a Fisher Price Stanley Cup.

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Fisher-Price made a kids’ toy version of the iconic tumbler. It’s marketed as the “Fisher-Price Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug,” but when you see it, it’s pretty clear what inspired it — it has the side handle and narrow base that are iconic parts of the Stanley tumbler. Fisher-Price even alluded to the viral craze in a statement they gave to Scary Mommy.


I have been waiting forever for this Baby Stanley Cup from Fisher Price to come in! Whag do you guys think? #asmr #babytoys #asmrtoysound #fisherprice #toddlertoys

♬ original sound – Pretty Pretend Play ✨

“Are you obsessed with the most buzzed-about tumbler as much as the rest of the internet?” it reads. “Excited to share that Fisher-Price is launching its own playful version of the viral stainless-steel mug for young ones. The best part: it involves no overnight campouts at Target and chaotic matchups to get it!”

The Fisher-Price mug dropped last fall, and just like a real Stanley cup, it sold out pretty quickly. Trendy moms everywhere are now waiting on the company to restock it, and when it does, it’ll be available for just $10 from Amazon and Walmart. Though, if you don’t want to wait, you can find the toy available now from sites like eBay and Poshmark—marked up to, usually, $30 to $60 (3-6 times its retail price, also just like a real Stanley).

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But hey, moms who have gotten their hands on one say their littles love the cup. It has buttons that activate colorful lights, sounds, and songs that teach counting, the alphabet, phrases, and more. There are teething rings on the handle and beads inside the flip lid that look like drinks — mocha on one side and matcha on the other. Toddlers love being just like mom, so if you love your Stanley cup, your kiddo is sure to love having one of these toys.

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