Filecoin investors diversify into YouTube competitor, DeeStream

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DeeStream (DST) is a decentralized streaming platform that brings features of other big centralized streaming firms, such as Twitch and YouTube, for fans to get a better user experience.

Investors whales who made significant returns on Bitcoin (BTC) have spotted potential in DeeStream and are looking forward to its presale launch event. 

Investors in emerging crypto assets such as Filecoin (FIL) also want to diversify their portfolios to secure their gains further. 

Exploring Filecoin

In many ways, Filecoin shares similarities with the DeeStream streaming platform. 

For one, they’re a product-led crypto project. They offer a decentralized alternative to established SaaS and PaaS products. 

For DeeStream, it’s the centralized streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. However, for Filecoin, it’s cloud storage giants like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

In the case of Filecoin, a cloud of decentralized users can pay to save data and rent their computer storage to make a profit on a secure blockchain.

This foundation of usefulness has led to a significant appreciation of Filecoin as a digital asset. 

Filecoin is changing hands at $7.48 and is relatively firm.

How Bitcoin investors have made profits

Bitcoin is proposed to be the default cryptocurrency for transactions on the internet. 

And though its adoption has played out just like its founder proposed in the whitepaper, it looks like a place for storing value. 

Investors who spotted its potential and were the most convinced of its inevitable win went all in. And they were rewarded adequately. When BTC was still worth less than a pizza, stakeholders upped their investment in the crypto project. This move made millionaires, multimillionaires, and even a couple billionaires.

The last two have been identified in the industry as whales. They’re the smartest and the most courageous investors in the game. 

Even with the drop in Bitcoin from $65,000 in November 2021, they have stuck to their assets. And they’re on the rise again. 

Investors are watching DeeStream

Bitcoin trades at $51,982 now, a steady rise from $52,000 a week and a month ago. 

Meanwhile, whales are also exploring DeeStream, whose token, DST, is trading for $0.035 in its presale launch. 

DST investors expect more growth in the future, banking on the rising adoption of the decentralized streaming platform. 

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