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Fighting AI-Driven Cybercrime Requires AI-Powered Data Security

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Advances in artificial intelligence are making cyberspace increasingly dangerous. Malicious actors are using AI—particularly generative AI—to target enterprises with ever more sophisticated schemes. For chief information security officers, the greatest cyber threat is ransomware, which criminals can now weaponize with AI to find weak points faster and wreak havoc in real time.

In the face of ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges, AI is a key player on both sides: combatting AI-powered cybercrime requires AI-enhanced security, to keep businesses protected, resilient, and moving forward.

In this webinar, Alex Janas and Tim Zonca of Commvault, discuss today’s AI-driven ransomware threats and the need for an AI-powered response that emphasizes detection, security, and recovery wherever data is stored.

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Alex Janas is the Security Field Chief Technology Officer, Commvault

Tim Zonca is the Vice President Portfolio Marketing, Commvault

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