Fezoo presale enters stage one, Ethereum, Solana holders participate

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The Fezoo (FEZ) presale is now live, offering investors FEZ tokens for $0.013. Ethereum and Solana investors have joined the campaign.  

The crypto market is mostly known for its heavy volatility and in some cases, scaring off users who want to genuinely invest in the market, but while it is, investing requires a certain kind of grit. This has made many crypto investors stand out and also understand many real-world investments deeply as they come.

While new tokens are creating a leeway under a platform that seeks to revolutionize their different market goals, Fezoo has been highlighted by many market traders as an asset with potential. A market overview of the token shows that users can acquire the token at $0.013. 

Ethereum (ETH) tries to recover amidst the market loss

Ethereum has gone down as much as $3,372 trading price since the token reached a new peak in the last month. A seven-day price observation shows that the token has mostly been traded between the price of $3,073 and $3,785. 

It shows that Ethereum’s current daily market price is leaning towards the lower end of the weekly fluctuation. A total market analysis indicates that token holders could get out of their comfort zone and possibly take a look at other altcoins.

Is Solana (SOL) finally plummeting?

Whenever a crypto analyst or expert observes Solana’s daily market trend, they figure that the daily price usually goes as high as $190 – $200. As of now, Solana is witnessing a dip, currently at its lowest point daily trading price of $168. 

Solana has been down by 8.11% in the last seven days, which hasn’t happened in a while. In one month, Solana is showing 72.21% up, which is a loss from its gain since the token began to become a market option for trade. On both market cap and volume, Solana is down, indicating a lack of market activities.

Fezoo (FEZ) triggers investor excitement 

The Fezoo presale has been tagged as a breath of fresh air and understandably, the project has entered into an already established decentralized blockchain. In a world where exchange platforms like Binance and Kucoin have dominated, Fezoo is bringing a decentralized exchange where market activities are easier and more efficient and transactions are instant. Fezoo is hoping to be a game-changing platform.

On the core goal of building a decentralized economy, users can suggest changes and vote for those changes thereby, the platform’s decisions are implemented based on users’ rights. 

Fezoo will also prioritize users’ privacy and security and build a transparent platform where market activities can easily happen. At the center of the platform are simplicity and reward programs geared at users.

The platform aims to reshape already established crypto trading through decentralization and market features that make exchanging tokens easier. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Fezoo (FEZ) website

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