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Expand Your Practice and Build Your Portfolio With Cornell’s Art Summer Programs

Precollege and college-level summer art studios at Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning inspire students to raise challenging questions, find their artistic voice, and establish or expand their individual creative practice.

The art department’s online and in-person courses offer opportunities for both high school and college-level students to connect with leading faculty and new peers to explore a range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, sound, and performance art. 

Art as Experience is for high school students seeking inspiration, mentorship, and an artistic community open to anyone, anywhere. With both online and in-person options, this intensive curriculum brings emerging artists from around the world together with faculty who introduce students to a wide range of artistic media as they deepen critical engagement with the world and explore the endless possibilities of art making.

Summer studios at Cornell are credit-bearing, giving students a jump start on their college education, and yield a strong body of work suitable for a college application portfolio. 

Summer studios for college students are for artists from any institution who are looking to establish or expand their practice while broadening their knowledge of artistic media and exploring new ideas. On-campus studios offer in-person guidance and critique from faculty, exchange with fellow artists, and cutting-edge workspace. Online options provide close instruction and a global community of artists who learn to establish their individual studio practice while using the latest virtual teaching tools to collaborate across projects and platforms.

Students in all studios receive thoughtful critique as they develop a unique body of work suitable for personal or application portfolios.

Registration deadlines begin May 5.

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