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Everyday War“ at the Venice Biennale

At the 60th International Venice Biennale, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan presents the Collateral Event Yuan Goang-Ming: Everyday War, to be held at the Palazzo delle Prigioni.

A dark viewing space is set up with sofas in a home-like setting in this year’s exhibition venue, aiming to reflect the viewer’s emotions and evoke the fear of losing home as a constant concept in one’s life. The installation is also set up to demonstrate Yuan Goang-Ming’s interest in home, living, and the uncanny tomorrow. His works are reflections of past and present fables as well as prophecies of mankind. 

The pioneering Taiwanese video artist states: “From the dining table as a premonition of symbolic collapse, civil movements, ongoing defense drills after the lifting of martial law, and the ‘non-place’ under globalization, to various domestic scenes⁠ — all of these attempts to express the anxieties and unease of the complex world we live in.”

Adjunct curator Abby Chen further emphasizes that in this era where impermanence is the norm, “the artist continuously explores what it means to exist, to be alive, to be at peace, to be safe, to be free, and what it means to be poetic.” However, this journey also reflects Yuan Goang-Ming’s poetic desire to see people find “a realm of freedom, an exclusive place in the wilderness, where an individual’s essence can remain at peace with unchanging freedom.”

The exhibition is open to the public from April 20 through November 24.

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