Every 'Dune: Part Two' Sandworm Question You Could Possibly Have, Answered by a Big 'Dune' Guy

Just thinking of the Dune popcorn bucket depiction, what are the teeth like? Sharp, or wavy like a sea anemone?

Sharp. I mean, that’s what the knives are. A crysknife is a tooth of Shai-Hulud. So you get a good impression right there.

How do they actually mate?

I don’t know. I’m not going to hazard a guess.

I ask because we see a young sandworm in Dune: Part Two, which they then extract a freaky blue liquid from.

Water of Life.

Yeah. So what happens when you drink it?

So, spice is a psychoactive. The Water of Life is an intensely concentrated version of spice. What you’re drinking is a really, really intense hallucinogen. Traditionally, the Bene Gesserit drink this to be in touch with their ancestral memories, so they can basically access all of the intelligence and memories of all of their entire matrilineal line. The Kwisatz Haderach, which as we learn is Paul, is able to access both his matrilineal and patrilineal ancestral memories. That’s what the Water of Life does.

Does it taste like Blue Gatorade?

I mean, I would assume it tastes like spice.

So the Fremen consume spice, the people who have to travel intergalactically are using the spice to do so. Are civilians on other planets just recreationally using spice?

Yeah. Imagine if you seasoned your food with gasoline. It’s also just like a casual thing that people use every day. It does have flavor, it’s kind of cinnamon-y. Everyone in the universe is coming in contact with spice in some way, shape, or form. Which is why when Paul threatens to destroy spice at the end of the book, it matters so much because everyone in the galactic economy is dependent on it.

What did the sandworms get, if anything, from their relationship with the Fremen?

I would say little to nothing, other than, I suppose, good tenants. Shai-Hulud is the apex predator. He is unconcerned with these trivial things happening around him. He’s housing spice harvesters for breakfast. Sandworms are not horses. The Fremen are not out here domesticating sandworms. It’s much more like they’re catching a ride on this massive natural force that’s running through the planet. Yeah, sometimes maybe they can catch a sandtrout and milk some Water of Life out of it, but they’re fully doing their own thing. The Fremen have little to offer the sandworms. The sandworms are fully on their own. The sandworms are just doing them.

Finally, I understand that Paul Atredeis is going to have a son who will eventually turn into a man-sandworm hybrid. Please explain.

First off, Syfy ran a limited series around the turn of the century in which James McAvoy stars as Leto II. It’s an early McAvoy role and he begins the transformation into a sandworm. So that’s something fun you can look up on YouTube. He does this because, like his father, he is able to access both sets of his genetic memories and basically do all the fancy Bene Gesserit stuff. So what he does is he basically takes these sandtrout [a young sandworm] and covers himself with them, which then attach to his body. Then he forcibly mutates himself to become a sandworm, basically giving himself 24/7 access to the Water of Life and total awareness. He’s enlightened and able to be cognizant of everything that’s happening in the universe and all of his ancestral memories at once in pursuit of what is known as the Golden Path. And the Golden Path is basically the path to humanity’s salvation.

The worm transformation also causes him to live for a very long time, right?

For thousands of years, as a tyrant.

Frank Herbert was smoking that shit. Any final Worm Thoughts?

The important thing to get across is that spice is the foundation of the galactic political and economic system. Sandworms make spice. Paul controls the desert. Paul controls the sandworms. He who can destroy the thing, controls the thing. That’s all you have to know. Don’t ask too many questions and have a good time.

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