Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade vital to network’s future

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Tenderly Co-Founder and SVP Nebojsa Urosevic said Ethereum must adapt to skyrocketing transaction volumes without charging users a fortune as global adoption accelerates.

Ethereum (ETH) is about to implement the much-debated Dencun upgrade, a technological overhaul at the blockchain’s base layer intended to bolster network throughput and reduce transaction costs by implementing proto-danksharding.

Dencun will unlock expanded data capacity for L2 solutions like Optimism through access to blobs. Urosevic, who has 10 years of experience in soft engineering and maintains a custom scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) at Tenderly, believes this upgrade is critical to defi’s future and important to negating entry barriers for new users. 

To ensure blockchain technology reaches a global scale, we must address these issues early on, especially as Ethereum’s network capacity becomes more limited. Sustainably scaling Ethereum will ensure there’s enough room for new applications to emerge without compromising the network’s security, decentralization, or user experience.

Nebojsa Urosevic, Tenderly’s co-founder and SVP

Tapping multichain technology for Ethereum scalability

As Ethereum cannot be scaled infinitely without running into the blockchain trilemma, layered multichain solutions have proven to be an efficient path forward for long-term scalability, Urosevic shared with

Over the years, the developer community has worked on many solutions for scaling Ethereum. While each of them has its benefits, optimistic and zero-knowledge rollups are the most promising, efficient, and secure ones.

Nebojsa Urosevic, Tenderly’s co-founder and SVP

Tenderly’s co-founder said Ethereum’s Dencun will incentivize these rollups to launch even more general-purpose and application-specific chains to cater to different types of users. This seamless tooling portability, made cheaper by tackling throughput cost via Dencun, will be important to web2 companies as defi onboards more traditional firms en masse, according to Urosevic.

Improving developer infrastructure for widespread adoption 

Tenderly’s SVP remarked that evolving multichain ecosystems will ultimately foster additional levels of complexity. However, the software veteran said providing web3 developers with standardized tools and practices while lowering the entry barrier for web2 builders could facilitate a frictionless community for innovators. 

Should Dencun deliver on its promises, this solution would become easier to realize, Urosevic suggested. 

Enabling the growth and development of the blockchain industry at a larger scale starts with supporting the ones building it. Ensuring a seamless experience for Web3 developers and equipping them with essential tools and infrastructure is a prerequisite for further innovation

Nebojsa Urosevic, Tenderly’s co-founder and SVP

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