Ethereum & Solana back Pushd’s bold move to disrupt e-commerce

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Ethereum and Solana’s investors are latching onto the Pushd presale in droves as it aims to disrupt e-commerce. The presale is now in stage 6. 

The U.S. SEC has yet again shown a lack of enthusiasm for the approval of Grayscale’s petition for an Ethereum ETF. 

On the other hand, Solana faces rejection at critical resistance levels after experiencing a significant decline prior to Bitcoin’s halving. Meanwhile, both Ethereum and Solana back Pushd’s bold move to disrupt e-commerce in stage 6 of its presale.

To make online retail much more convenient for users, Pushd utilizes blockchain technology to solve the common problems faced by traditional e-commerce platforms. Notably, a lot of crypto enthusiasts are making moves to secure their slots in the Pushd presale even as they anticipate substantial returns in the coming months.

Spot Ethereum ETF proposal sees further delay

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States has deferred deciding on Grayscale’s petition for an Ethereum ETF. The review time was extended by the SEC to June 23. Grayscale approved the conversion of its current Ethereum Trust into a spot Ethereum ETF in October by submitting Form 19b-4 to NYSE Arca. Grayscale changed its Bitcoin Trust into a spot Bitcoin ETF in January.

The SEC’s decision to postpone is also supported by the issues and modifications being thought through concerning the plan. The SEC has also delayed similar applications from other asset managers. In response to the SEC’s most recent move, Grayscale has improved its application yet again. In compliance with the U.S. Securities Act, the company filed Form S-3 to continue its operations in relation to the Ethereum ETF offering.

Solana price analysis

After rising more than tenfold from $17 in September 2023 to $210 in March 2024, Solana touched $116.0 last week and encountered selling pressure at $210. Solana recovered after Bitcoin’s halving and tested the resistance at EMA21. The altcoin recently opened trading above the EMA21 but was unable to sustain above the $160 barrier; as a result, it is currently trading at $158.

According to daily chart analysis, Solana needs daily closures over $157 to start climbing higher. Solana’s first target price zones are $164.50 and $174.31, assuming daily closures above $157. Daily closings below the $151.24 EMA5 support level, nevertheless, can re-increase selling pressure. If selling pressure picks up again, $140.82 and the EMA100 at $139.31 are the first support levels.

Investors back Pushd’s bold move to disrupt e-commerce 

Pushd has the potential to completely transform the online marketplace by solving the common problems that shoppers and sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay encounter. Additionally, sellers may have delays in obtaining funds because PayPal holds payments for up to 90 days following a transaction, and buyers are subject to stringent KYC procedures. Users may instantaneously buy, sell, and auction items without going through KYC checks.

Pushd offers significantly cheaper fees than traditional marketplaces, and its instantaneous deposits and withdrawals eliminate the need to wait several days for payments. 

In addition to the possibility of making substantial profits, presale investors receive a revenue share of platform fees based on the number of tokens they own. With a price of $0.144 per token and being at Stage 6 of their presale, Pushd tokens present a strong investment opportunity.

To learn more about this project, visit the Pushd presale website.  

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