First rule of science labs: Be safe!

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Science experiments and hands-on activities are perennial classroom favorites, and they’re a fundamental part of high school lab sciences. Before you start, though, you’ll want to make sure you have the right lab safety equipment ready to go. We’ve rounded up some of the most important items your lab might need, available at trusted science lab equipment suppliers.

Tip: Teaching students lab safety really is vital. To ensure your classes get thorough training on the subject, try a safety course like the ones designed by Flinn Scientific. They have courses for teachers too, including those needed for certifications.

Clear plastic safety goggles with a black elastic strap
Fisher Scientific
Black nitrile glove next to a box of more gloves

Disposable Gloves

You can buy disposable gloves in a variety of places, but you’ll want to make sure they’re both latex-free and chemical-resistant. Consider keeping several sizes on hand to ensure a good fit for all students.

Buy it: Black Nitrile Gloves, 100 ct.

Box of disposable N95 safety masks by 3M
Red Box labeled
Flinn Scientific

Fire Blanket

Most classrooms are already equipped with a fire extinguisher, but it’s also smart to keep a fire blanket on hand. Mount this lab safety equipment to the wall in an easily accessible location, so all students know where to find it.

Buy it: Fire Blanket and Case

Adapter attached to a gooseneck faucet to turn it into a lab eyewash station
Woman wearing clear plastic face shield, with a box of 80 face shields

Face Shields

Protect eyes, noses, and mouths from accidental spills and splashes with these shields. They’re roomy enough to accommodate masks and glasses too.

Buy it: Salon World Safety Face Shields

Three stacks of simple black coated elastic hair ties

Hair Ties

It’s important for students to tie back and secure long hair when they’re working in the lab. Plain rubber bands can get stuck, so keep a supply of these basic bulk hair ties on hand for students who don’t have their own.

Buy it: Anezus 250 Piece Black Hair Ties

Science lab safety shower with a yellow head and pull-down handle
Flinn Scientific

Emergency Safety Shower

High school science labs should strongly consider installing pull-down safety showers, in case of a spill or other hazardous exposure. This model comes in two versions, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted.

Buy it: Emergency Safety Shower

Plastic bottle of fire extinguisher powder with a green lid
Flinn Scientific

Fire Extinguisher Powder

Chemistry labs should keep a supply of this on hand to extinguish flammable solids fires. It’s easy to use: Simply dump it on the fire.

Buy it: Fire Extinguisher Powder

Double-filter respirator face mask with replaceable filters
Flinn Scientific

Double Filter Respirator Mask

Keep one of these around for times when you’re performing a demo with hazardous vapors or other materials. This one is NIOSH-approved, with replaceable filters.

Buy it: Double Filter Respirator Mask

Person wearing a plastic disposable full apron
Three bottles containing powders to deal with spills in a science lab setting
Flinn Scientific

Spill-Control Kit

Various spilled substances call for different controls. This kit includes sand, acid neutralizer, and a super-absorbent material to help handle most science lab spills.

Buy it: Spill-Control Kit

Plastic biohazard disposal bags marked with appropriate symbols
Flinn Scientific
First aid kit designed for use in a science lab
Flinn Scientific

First-Aid Kit

This includes a little more than a regular classroom first-aid kit, with important lab safety supplies like burn dressings and saline eyewash.

Buy it: Science Lab First-Aid Kit

Locking storage cabinets labeled for flammable and corrosive liquids
Flinn Scientific

Locking Storage Cabinet

Keep dangerous chemicals safe with locking storage cabinets. Put together a set that makes the most sense for your science lab, with options for both flammable and corrosive liquids.

Buy it: Flinn/SciMatCo® Stak-a-Cab™ Cabinets

Lab safety equipment can take a bite out of your budget, so you’ll love our free printable lab safety posters!

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