Eight-year-old foodie goes viral for her reaction to her first In-N-Out burger

We’ve all seen those hilarious funny facial expression videos where a baby eats a lemon for the first time, or they taste something sweet for the first time. But what about a little girl who just found her most favorite food ever? 

Freya, an 8-year-old from Texas, tried a Double-Double burger, Animal-Style, with no lettuce or tomato, from In-N-Out, and let’s just say she had an experience she’ll never forget. Her mother Samantha Foss took a video of her trying a bite of this burger for the first time while in the car, and it went viral. 

The video from their shared account, @freyathegoldengoddess has garnered more than 1.3 million views, and it’s easy to see why. As Freya takes a bite, she leans back, eyes wide, and asks her mom to get her a “double double double” next time with a mouth full of burger. She slaps the center console as she closes her eyes in pure bliss. 


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Viewers were reeling in the comments. One viewer said, “I’m jealous of this kid right now. I want In-n-Out.” Another said, “Lmaoooo it’s the smack on the arm rest for me!” And I agree.

“Foodies are the HAPPIEST people on earth!!” Another viewer said. 

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This little girl is definitely a foodie and loves to eat. And we love to see it. Another video posted on her account shows Freya enjoying a slice of MOD pizza. She sinks into her seat, tosses her fork down and says, “MMMMM!” When her mom asks what’s her problem, Freya responds incredulously, “What’s my problem? It’s so good!”

Let’s all enjoy our food as much as Freya, savoring every bite and being downright gleeful with our taste buds dancing in our mouths. It will definitely make life happier and more interesting to say the least.

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