dYdX Chain launches liquid staking; AI crypto presale achieves key milestone

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dYdX is trending following the release of liquid staking. This feature incentivizes investors to stake their holdings on the dYdX chain, earning rewards. On the other hand, the InQubeta (QUBE) presale has raised over $8.6 million. The platform aims to make AI investments accessible to more investors.

InQubeta presale raises over $8.6 million

Investments in artificial intelligence have grown significantly in recent years, with more than $1.5 trillion expected to be directed into the technology in the coming years. 

InQubeta connects AI startups with funding sources, making it easier for them to raise capital. Their investment protocol involves evaluating AI startups to determine their eligibility to use the ecosystem to raise capital. 

If deemed eligible, these startups can create assets that offer equity in their operations or rewards like profit-sharing. 

Investors can use fiat or cryptocurrencies to obtain QUBE and use it to invest in AI by buying these assets–which can be traded or resold at any time. 

dYdX partners with Stripe to launch liquid staking solutions

The dYdX Foundation recently partnered with Stripe to bring a new liquid staking solution to the Cosmos ecosystem. 

This deal will offer more options for staking on the network. 

Additionally, dYdX is also collaborating with Quicksilver and Persistence to expand its liquid staking options. 

Liquid staking is becoming increasingly popular in cryptocurrency. It allows users to earn rewards for locking up their tokens to help run the network. 

Launching the new feature on the dYdX network means that users can now safely secure stake and earn more rewards.


InQubeta and dYdX appear to be potent projects. QUBE, in particular, is relatively cheaper and may grow since the platform aims to democratize AI investments.

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