Dümmen Orange and Must Have Perennials Add New Managers

Katie Miller of Dümmen Orange (left) and Justin Wisniewski of Must Have Perennials (right)

Katie Miller of Dümmen Orange (L) and Justin Wisniewski of Must Have Perennials (R)

Dümmen Orange Expands Team With Experience Regional Product Manager for Perennials

Dümmen Orange North America recently hired Katie Miller as a Regional Product Manager – Perennials.

An experienced industry professional with more than two decades of horticulture experience, Miller has hit the ground running at Dümmen Orange. She will also be attending different garden trials throughout the summer with a busy schedule lined up.

“We are very excited about Katie joining our product management team,” says Marta Maria Garcia, Head of Product Management, Marketing, and Retail at Dümmen Orange. “She brings valuable experience that is already benefiting our customers in many great ways. We’re thrilled about what lies ahead for her and our team.”

Prior to joining Dümmen Orange, Miller spent the past 16 years serving in multiple roles at Skagit Horticulture until the storied company ceased its operations in April 2024. She gained additional horticulture experience with Fiddler’s Ridge Farms and Toby’s Greenhouse in the private sector as well as in the public sector with the University of Idaho, Idaho State Department of Agriculture, and the City of Moscow (Idaho).

Learning Opportunity: Drone Application in Cut Flower Production

Miller has been an active member of the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association since 2019, where she served as the group’s President and Grower Caucus Board Representative before that. She also volunteered for the City of Moscow’s tree committee for three years, from 2004 to 2007.

Earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho, Miller focused on greenhouse management, landscape architecture, and arboriculture.

New General Manager Added at Must Have Perennials

Must Have Perennials welcomes Justin Wisniewski as General Manager of the Must Have Perennials program in June.

Stepping down from his current position with the organization, Paul Gooderham will return to his role as Breeder Agent, managing relationships for the organization across all applicable brands.

Justin will oversee all operations for Must Have Perennials worldwide, which includes its conventional perennials assortment, as well as the newly added Tradewinds hibiscus brand out of Aris’ Keepsake Plants facility in Alva, FL. Justin Wisniewski holds a Bachelor of Science from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and originally joined the Aris organization as a trial gardener for Green Leaf Plants in the spring of 2016.  He also served the organization as a Seed Specialist for Green Leaf Plants and acted as the General Manager for the Must Have Perennials program, formerly known as Blooms of Bressingham, from 2018 through 2020.  During his tenure managing the Must Have Perennials organization, he assisted in bringing several commercial varieties to market, including Echinacea ‘Lovely Lolly’ and Buddleja ‘Butterfly Gold’.

Justin and Paul will be traveling to the Netherlands for the Week 24 FlowerTrials and will be attending Darwin Days at the headquarters for Ball Seed in West Chicago. Under Justin’s leadership, the organization will continue to represent a variety of breeders, focusing on bringing the best plants to market, coupled with exceptional marketing and efficient supply chains.

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