Dümmen Orange and Danziger Prepare for FlowerTrials Presentations

Dümmen Orange Flower Trials 2023 in Rheinberg, Germany

2023 Flower Trials | FlowerTrials

Dümmen Orange Inspires With Portfolio and Innovations at FlowerTrials 2024

From June 11 to 14, Dümmen Orange will open its doors in Rheinberg, Germany, and De Kwakel, The Netherlands, for this year’s FlowerTrials. True to the motto, “Innovations for You,” the ornamental plant breeder presents its extensive portfolio in the Annuals, Perennials, and Pot Plants segments. Visitors will have the opportunity to gain inspiration in various spaces and gardens, surrounded by a wide range of plants and the latest trends in floriculture. The different presentations showcase solutions for consumers, retailers, and growers alike.

During the event, specialists from Dümmen Orange will be present to provide more information about the different crops and varieties. In addition, R&D specialists from Dümmen Orange’s Breeding Technology Center will be on-site at the Dutch location to explain the innovative breeding methods that the company applies.

Calibrachoa Rainbow: A Unique Play of Colors on Every Plant

One of the novelties presented is the Calibrachoa Rainbow series. This series consists of four varieties:

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  • Rainbow Blue
  • Rainbow Yellow
  • Rainbow Pink
  • Rainbow Hot Pink

Depending on temperature and light conditions, the plants vary in color shade, creating a unique play of colors on each plant. This special feature makes the Calibrachoa Rainbow series an attractive choice that will continue to fascinate throughout the summer. The plants perform excellently in the garden and are suitable for balcony boxes, pots, tubs, and hanging baskets. The cultural properties of this new series are similar to those of the popular Aloha Kona series, making them easy to produce alongside the most popular standard colors.

A Huge Variety of Crops, Varieties, and Sales Concepts

In Rheinberg, visitors can view more than 500 varieties in an area of 1,200 m². All summer long, Dümmen Orange’s full range of bedding plants and perennials will be displayed in hanging baskets and large pots under garden conditions. A wide variety of sales concepts and presentation ideas are presented in a further 500 m² of covered exhibition space – the Trend Center.

In De Kwakel, more than 250 varieties from the Bedding and Perennial plant range are exhibited in containers and baskets. There are 170 m² beds filled with annuals, calla lilies, and pot plants, and a further 240 m² filled with perennials. Visitors can also view the highlights from Dümmen Orange’s kalanchoe, pot chrysanthemum, and cut flower ranges.

At both locations, the presentations are divided into three areas:

  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Product Presentation

“The FlowerTrials offer us a fantastic opportunity to inspire and inform our customers about our latest innovations and trends,” says Tobias Guré, Marketing Manager APP EMEA at Dümmen Orange. “We are extremely proud of our Calibrachoa Rainbow series and can’t wait to share these and other products with our visitors.”

Get Ready for Danziger’s Multisensory Display at Flower Trials 2024

Danziger, a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding, will be showcasing its latest and greatest varieties at this year’s Flower Trials event. For 70 years, Danziger has been at the forefront of genetic innovation with one of the industry’s largest Research and Development teams keeping a close watch on growers’ needs and working diligently to address them.

“Our expert breeding team has more than 100 employees around the world – from scientists to researchers to professional breeders,” says Amir Zuker, Ph.D., Vice President of R&D at Danziger. “We develop new varieties based on deep understanding of the different markets and growers’ demands. Our teams spend years testing varieties worldwide, improving and perfecting each variety. By performing meticulous routine lab tests on all varieties, including diagnosis of symptomatic plants, and development of new diagnostic methods and processes, we ensure clean stock materials for the whole value chain – growers, wholesalers, retailers, and end consumers.”

At Flower Trials 2024, Danziger will present exciting new trends in flower breeding and growing based on key advancements in plant genetics. Cultivating the Future is the theme for this year, reflecting constant investment in innovation and focus on providing future-ready solutions to maximize growth. At the event, Danziger will be launching its versatile 2025 catalog, featuring varieties that provide enhanced resilience, increased adaptability, and unstoppable blooming of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Walk of Fame: Walk the Red Carpet Featuring DanStars, Danziger’s Most Popular Varieties to Date

  • Enjoy a beautiful display of renowned varieties, developed and improved throughout the years.
  • Learn what makes DanStars so special and why everyone just loves them.
  • Meet Bacopa ‘Scopia Gulliver’, Petunia ‘Amore’, Craspedia ‘Golf’, and many more market leaders.

Discover Genetics Requiring Minimal Use of Chemicals, Lower Input, and Reduced Labor, Ensuring the Success of Growers Everywhere by Increased Productivity

  • The Summer Celebration display presents new varieties with natural heat and drought tolerance, including the Pazzaz Portulaca series, Scaveola lineup, and Angelonia ‘Alonia’.
  • The Grow Green display features varieties requiring minimal to no PGRs, such as Colibri Calibrachoa, Amazonas Petunia, and Sol Luna Impatiens.

See the Future: Resilient, Adaptable, Unstoppable! These Strong Varieties Are Shaping the Future, and Will Surely Grow Your Business Starting This Season

  • Imagine Resilient Born: Flowers withstand various challenges and can recover from diseases, pests, and adverse environmental conditions.
  • Imagine Adaptable: Adjust and thrive in different environmental conditions, and recover from stresses induced by extreme weather fluctuations.
  • Imagine Unstoppable: More blooms, more often. 2025 introductions offer an unstoppable blooming power with consistent and abundant blooms, bold colors, and creative patterns.

Additionally, new varieties on display from Danziger include:

  • Sol Luna Prime is a new series of impatiens that thrives in both sun and shade, adapts to weather conditions, and features outstanding wilting recovery.
  • Novelty additions to the well-known Vanessa Verbena series, with proven mildew resistance, excellent adaptability to environmental changes, and long-lasting bloom power.
  • Exciting newcomers to our leading petunia and calibrachoa series with bright and unique colors, including Lia Abstract Lemon Cherry, Ray Shadow, and many more.

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