Dua Lipa's Topless Look Includes a Throwback '00s Styling Hack

Leave it to Dua Lipa to revive an early aughts trend—even one that’s slightly controversial amongst those in the fashion crowd. The singer was spotted over the weekend sporting one of her signature off-duty looks. The throwback twist? Her strapless top was designed entirely out of chunky belts, of course.

Dua slipped into baggy, low-rise denim (ironically, worn without a traditional belt) and black ballet flats—a casual combo that’s becoming a signature of her recent style transformation—before topping off her outfit with a black bustier. The piece featured three strips of fabric in varying lengths complete with chunky gilded buckles. While the top strap functioned more as a bra, the bottom pair added some interest to things with their contrasting sizes.

The top is, yes, something we’d expect out of the early ’00s where useless belts (think barely-buckled accessories hanging loosely over mini skirts) reigned supreme. But it also fits well within Dua’s latest style evolution. With the news of her upcoming album, Radical Optimism, the star has switched out of her usual, mostly sheer, pop girl uniform into pared-back pieces complete with a retro twist. There are plenty of Rock and Roll hot pants, ’90s party dresses, and now, an early aughts accessory-garment hybrid.

Placing a belt (let alone three) somewhere other than the waist might be a head scratcher for some. But, after all, we’re talking about Dua Lipa here who possesses a special ability to make even the most confusing pieces of fashion look chic. So, don’t be surprised if you see fashion girls cinching their favorite belts around their busts in weeks to come.

In fact, this isn’t Dua’s first time playing around with belts, or, more specifically, the way belts are supposed to function. Back in December, the pop sensation sported a chic LBD from Tom Ford complete with a hefty side slit and a belt buckle strap. While her gown wasn’t as overly early aughts as her latest top, it did have hints of years past. Mainly, a bit of Ford’s signature ’90s sex appeal mixed in with a belt that was more form, less function. Between Dua’s belts and Kim Kardashian’s layered tank tops, there’s no hiding from the fact that the early aughts are back in a big way.

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