Dua Lipa Makes The No Pants Trend Work For London Weather

Dua Lipa is sprinkling a few Britishisms into her preferred springtime silhouette. On the promo trail for her upcoming album Radical Optimism in London, the pop sensation doubled down on her affinity for the no pants trend. And while Dua left her bottoms at home, she came armed with the perfect outerwear piece to combat the city’s signature gloomy weather.

Dua’s street style outfit, a full look from Ferragamo’s spring 2024 collection, consisted of a mini zip-up jacket that gave the illusion of an all-black bodysuit. Perhaps a few notes have been taken from fellow no-pants wearer and the hot pant Queen herself, Kristen Stewart. From there, Dua incorporated a trio of coordinating black pieces that perfectly accented her no-pants situation up top. She styled knee-high go-go boots with sheer tights and carried a leather Prada tote casually in her hand. What really gave her look that London flair, though, was her Ferragamo olive green trench coat.

The piece was not only utilitarian—London’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, especially during this current winter-spring transitional period—but it also provided a welcomed splash of color to her otherwise monochrome look. No, her coat wasn’t an overtly British khaki trench. But it still had hints of that classic London silhouette from the flared collar to the strong shoulders and contrasting buttons.

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The no pants trend has inundated Hollywood in recent months both on and off the red carpet. Dua, in particular, has made it a focal point of nearly every facet of her personal style, whether she’s shooting some sort of album visuals or simply strolling the London streets like today.

Just last week, the pop star showed off her travel style—an oversize black jacket, a blinged-out Birkin, and low-waisted jeans—as she caught the Eurostar train from Paris to London with her boyfriend, Callum Turner. Simply, it seems like Dua’s recent looks have followed a very similar formula to this olive green moment. There are usually no (or very tiny) pants, a mix of silver and gold jewelry, and some sort of sleek keep-all bag. Oh, and don’t forget the roomy leather trench.

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