Dodgers record no strikeouts in a game for first time in 18 years

PHOENIX — The Los Angeles Dodgers took 44 turns at the plate on Monday night and etched an oddity into history. They collected 10 hits and drew eight walks en route to their 8-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Collectively, they strained a worn Diamondbacks pitching staff and flexed the type of might their star-studded lineup would portend.

They also never struck out.

It marked the first time the Dodgers had played a game without striking out in 18 years, a 6-5 win over the Cincinnati Reds. The 44 batters the Dodgers sent to the plate without striking out marked the most batters to come to the plate in a game where a team didn’t strike out since July 28, 2017, when Cleveland had 46 batters not strike out in a 9-3 win over the Chicago White Sox.

Diamondbacks pitchers Tommy Henry, Andrew Saalfrank, Scott McGough, Logan Allen and Justin Martinez combined to give the franchise their third-ever game in which they never struck out an opposing batter.

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