Derrick Adams, Peter Burr, and More Artists Project Works Onto Historic Hangars in Brooklyn

The Floyd Bennett Field! Public Arts Festival features 24 established and emerging artists whose dynamic works span generations and disciplines. The festival is an immersive celebration of Southeast Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field through a playful reimagining of space, architecture, and visual storytelling. Original works from renowned artists Derrick Adams, Peter Burr, Eto Otitigbe, and Ryan Hartley Smith will be video mapped to the 11,000-square-foot façade of two monumental historic airplane hangars, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

Focusing on themes of adaptive reuse and creative reimagining, the art festival centers on the airplane hangars, revered historic structures currently undergoing revitalization to become hubs of innovation and potential. Symbolically rebuilding the dilapidated façades for future use, they serve as canvases for artistic interventions and digital storytelling.

The featured artworks explore the concept of restored spaces as vehicles for fresh concepts, employing abstract visual elements and thematic exploration. By embracing the nuances of history, the video mapping blurs the line between altering the structures’ reality and projecting an augmented realism.

A weekend-long celebration of art, architecture, history, and open space draws diverse audiences from NYC and the region to enjoy groundbreaking digital art, live music, a silent dance party and live video performance, a makers market, food trucks, and activities for all.

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Ryan Hartley Smith, “See You at Riis” (2024), 8-minute animation, 11,000 square-foot projection mapping project

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