Demi Moore’s Not-So Secret Press Tour Weapon? Her Chihuahua, Pilaf

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Demi Moore looking fabulous with her teacup Chihuahua. Moore, who is now at the tail end of a buzzy press tour for Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, has staked claim to her accessory of choice in recent days—no, not a “It” bag. Not even a statement shoe. Just her three-year-old pint-sized pooch, Pilaf.

Although Moore was the guest of honor on Good Morning America Wednesday, Pilaf managed to have his own moment with hosts Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan. Moore, decked out in a full Proenza Schouler look, cradled the pup as she arrived to the studio—of course, Pilaf got the proper superstar treatment with dozens of paparazzi and fans capturing the mommy-doggy duo.

Moore is definitely a proper dog mom, but we’re interested to hear what Chloë Sevigny has to say about her Feud co-star’s pet tendencies. “The athleisure and the dogs are taking over, and that’s really unfortunate,” Sevigny told Rolling Stone recently. “Everybody’s in Lululemon and has a fucking dog and it’s driving me crazy. I’m sorry, dog lovers. There are too many of you.”

Now, Moore’s Proenza Schouler is most definitely not Lululemon or athleisure, so we suspect that Sevigny will offer her co-star some grace.

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Here, Pilaf, who joined the Moore household in 2022, was seen with the actress prior to her appearance on Saturday Night Live. For a puppy, and especially one of the Chihuahua breed, he seems particularly well behaved—especially considering the usual paparazzi frenzy that typically follows Moore.

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Now, Pilaf doesn’t get to just accompany Moore on her various press obligations (which is something special in and of itself), but he’s also able to mingle with her very famous friends.

He joined Pedro Pascal (!) earlier on in the Feud junket and was even cradled by Dakota Johnson (inside of her sheer dress) during an SNL after party. Dakota’s mother, Melanie Griffith, also marveled at Pilaf’s cuteness.

Do you think Pilaf knows he’s sitting inside archival Alaïa?

There’s no denying Pilaf’s appeal. He’s tiny, which allows Moore to quickly nestle him in her hand or stick him inside a crossbody sling as she’s out and about. He’s also quite versatile, looking just as good next to his mom’s plaid skirt sets as he does alongside a pair of fringe pants.

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

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