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Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) traders are looking beyond Immutable (IMX) and choosing DeeStream (DST) in the ongoing presale.

What’s going on with Immutable?

Immutable offers speed with less impact on the environment.

The platform is attractive, more like Solana. However, in recent weeks, IMX has been under pressure and posting low gains.

Accordingly, traders searching for value have been exploring alternatives.

Increasingly, more Solana and Cardano traders have been looking at DST, preferring this token over IMX.

DST is available at a discount in the ongoing presale. Moreover, investors remain bullish on its prospects.

DeeStream’s value proposition

DeeStream is a user-centric and decentralized streaming platform. It prioritizes the welfare of its users while remaining transparent, charging low fees, and being secure.

DST holders are rewarded for progressing when they reach certain milestones.

Additionally, records on DeeStream are free to view, helping create trust.

DeeStream will offer the best of these streaming services while eliminating issues associated with Twitch or YouTube.

DST is available for $0.04 in the current presale phase.

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