Dad hilariously mistakes wife’s bodysuit for baby clothes in viral TikTok

While there’s no shortage of content out there that pokes fun at dads for being “clueless” about baby stuff, this viral TikTok is…not that. It’s actually adorable and hilarious at the same time. In the video, a mom-to-be confronts her husband, who was responsible for organizing their baby’s closet. There’s just one problem—the black, thong-bottomed Skims bodysuit hanging up next to the onesies doesn’t belong to the baby.

“Come here,” the mom asks her husband, trying not to laugh as he enters the nursery. “What is that?”

Pointing to the nicely organized clothes rack, she sounds equally amused and bewildered. Her husband looks confused, because it’s clearly obvious that he spent some serious time hanging up their baby’s clothes and making the closet look good. Right off the bat, he doesn’t get what she’s laughing about.

“I color-coordinated them!” he insists, still not getting the joke.


i can’t believe he had my skims hung up with our babies clothes 😂💀 #couplecomedy #couple #couplegoals #skims #pregnant

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“No babe, the black one,” she says, stifling her giggles.

“What about it?” he asks, still clueless. (God bless him, it’s an honest mistake. Those things are SMALL.)

“Pull it out,” she insists, pointing to her black Skims bodysuit. “What is that?”

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“I don’t know what these are, I just hang them up!”

She tells him to look at the back of the bodysuit, which is decidedly not diaper-friendly. “There’s a thong!”

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It finally clicks for him, though he’s still completely flabbergasted as to how an adult human woman could fit into something so small, not understanding the stretching power of a Skims bodysuit.

“You’re gonna fit in this? It looks like it’s for a 12-month-old!”

He compares it to the size of the baby onesies, and honestly—he’s not wrong. The sizes are comparable! It’s just that one of those things stretches to accommodate most body shapes and the other one is an infant sleeper.

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This video reminds me of all the times my own husband has tried to make sense of my more “complicated” wardrobe essentials while putting away laundry. And by complicated, I mean stuff that has ties and buttons. When he doesn’t understand how to get an item on a hanger, he just gently folds it up and lets me figure it out later. Not because he’s incompetent, but because the most complicated clothing items he owns are his button-down shirts for work.

Anyway, this delightful video has over 20 million views because it’s relatable and sweet. And also really, really funny.

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Essential Scoop Neck Bodysuit

If you’re looking for the real thing, here it is! This is probably the most popular version of the famous Skims bodysuit line. You can wear it on its own and pair it with a cute pair of shorts or jeans, or you can style it under a denim jacket or long, open cardigan for a cool look.

Screen Shot 2023 08 01 at 8.21.48 AM


Tummy Control Bodysuit

This seems to be the go-to Skims dupe on Amazon, with over 17,000 reviews and plenty of satisfied customers (apparently even the mom-to-be on the above video). It comes in a brief, thong, and shorts version to suit (pun intended) all of your style needs!

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