D.S. & Durga’s New Cologne Smells Like Tennis. What the Hell Does That Mean?

What does a tennis great like Roger Federer smell like? If we had to guess, it’d probably be some extremely precise combination of fresh dollar bills, extra-crisp cotton, and painted asphalt. That particular mix would be kind of hard to replicate—unless you’re D.S. & Durga. The indie perfumer managed to pack the latter two notes into their latest scent, the cheekily-named Crush Balls. (Eau de Federer hasn’t made its way onto the market yet, sadly.) 

This isn’t the first time DS&D co-founders David and Kavi Moltz have used their olfactory sorcery to whip up a niche treat for the nose—Debaser is a hit online thanks to its hard-rocking pedigree; a single whiff of Rockaway Beach conjures the salty New York shore—but Crush Balls marks their inaugural dalliance with the world of racket-slinging elites. 

D.S. & Durga

“Crush Balls” eau de parfum

In a press release tied to the fragrance’s debut, both admit their tennis chops aren’t exactly stellar, but their mutual love of the game encouraged them to tap into what they call “the crisp rush” of playing. So they hunkered down in their laboratory in Brooklyn, and concocted a limited-edition scent that pays homage to the sport in typical Durga fashion

As far as names go, Crush Balls is intentionally suggestive, but it’s also pretty accurate: uncap a bottle and you’ll be met with top notes of green grass, rosemary, and yellow fuzz, accented by a mix of hedge flowers, cotton, and what the brand refers to as “sporty accord”. The entire premise is a little shtick-y, sure, but it’s tough to argue with the results. A spritz or two a day won’t improve your backhand (or make you smell like a certain Rolex frontman), but it will make you chuckle every time you glance at the bottle—and help you channel your inner Grand Slam champ while you fire off spicy takes on Slack. 

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