Costco Auto Program adds the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra through July

Costco members lean to the Bowtie when it comes to pickups. The big box store wrote that the Chevrolet Silverado “is currently the most requested Chevrolet and pickup truck through Costco Auto Program and has been for the past 11 years. In the 14 years Costco has partnered with Chevrolet for member-only incentives, the Silverado (when included), has been the top selling vehicle every time.” Members can rejoice, because just for the months of June and July, the Costco Auto Program has added the Silverado and the GMC Sierra to its Costco Auto Savings Event. Until July 31, 2024, card-carrying shoppers can get an additional $1,000 discount on top of any manufacturer incentives they qualify for when leasing or purchasing new examples of either.

The Auto Savings event includes other vehicles as well, the $1,000 incentive applicable to certain other models from Chevy and GMC, as as well Volvo and Cadillac. Tire kickers considering the Polestar 2 can get $2,000 off. 

You can check out our write-up on the Costco Auto Program for all the details and the frequently asked questions. The summary is that the store works with “selected” dealers to refer customers to, about 3,000 storefronts across most automotive brands. The program comes with no-haggle pricing for any straight-up purchase. Costco offers customers a research tool to check out vehicles by type and compare specs and features. After a customer zeroes in on a car, it’s time to visit the dealership for a chat with an “Authorized Dealer Contact” to examine the vehicle and go over the fine print. Haggling would only arise if the customer has a trade-in; that valuation is between the customer and the dealer.

The customer can check out the Costco Member-Only Price Sheet, which “displays your prearranged pricing. The savings can be displayed in one of two ways: One version lists pricing for all models available at the participating dealership; the other will show a VIN-specific price based on the vehicle you select, including any applicable manufacturer incentives or rebates.”

And for those looking on the battery-powered shelves, the program offers the same $1,000 off the Chevy Blazer EV and Equinox EV.

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