Cometh partners with Transak to allow crypto purchases on layer 3 blockchain

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Transak and Cometh have joined forces to pioneer the first-ever direct fiat-to-Layer 3 blockchain onboarding solution, a speedy offering in the market. 

This partnership lets users and players purchase crypto directly on Cometh via a credit card. The integration quickens the process for Cometh’s game Cosmik Battle players to buy Ethereum (ETH) and participate in the NFT marketplace on Muster without intermediaries. 

In the past, a user would have to navigate many loopholes to pay or upload currency to Cometh’s Arbitrum Orbit, Muster. This partnership eliminates the need for intermediary crypto tokens and complex bridging processes, making the gaming experience and customer transactions much simpler and more efficient, according to a Cometh press release.  

In the game Cosmik Battle, developed by Cometh and deployed on Muster, players can purchase crypto with a credit card. This enables them to acquire cards from other players within the game’s marketplace.

The Transak and Cometh partnership simplifies buying crypto with fiat by eliminating intermediaries. This collaboration aims to tackle the issue encountered by dApp developers and Layer 3 blockchains by offering a direct protocol-level interaction method.

How it works 

Users must have a Muster wallet for purchases, but here is the 3-step process outlined in the press release. 

  1. Users can buy ETH on Muster L3 directly within Cosmik Battle using Transak One.
  2. Transak sends the ETH to the user’s smart wallet on Muster through Cometh’s Arbitrum One smart contract.
  3. The transaction completes in under two minutes, giving users quick access to their funds for marketplace activities on Muster.

To interact with the NFT marketplace, users previously had to buy cryptocurrency on a Layer 2 solution and bridge it to Muster’s chain. This complicated process deterred many users from participating. 

About Transak and Cometh

Transak is a leading Web3 payments infrastructure provider, serving millions of users across 160 countries and powering 350+ platforms for digital asset transactions.

Cometh is a leading blockchain company offering a Web3 development platform for embedding Web3 capabilities into games and apps. Their products include SDKs for a biometric wallet, marketplace, NFT checkout, and web3-enabled games like Cosmik Battle.

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