Chris Evans Found the Sleek, Slept-On Nike Sneaker Your Shoe Rack's Missing

You don’t catch a glimpse of Chris Evans in sneakers all that often; loafers or boots are usually more his speed. But Materialists, his latest movie, might be inspiring him to mix up his rotation for the better.

On set, his character looks like a champion of nice, normal clothing—T-shirts, jeans, button-ups, and, more often that not, sneakers. Now, the former Captain America has been spotted in his downtime kicking back in a pair of low-key Nike Court Royale 2s. These are classic, simple sneakers—a pair every guy could (and probably should) have in their collection. The bad news? The exact version he’s wearing is sold out everywhere.

Which makes sense. The Court Royale, after all, is a time-tested riff on the tennis shoe, and from Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers to the Roland Garros French Open, the sport has become categorically cool in the last year or so. Sure, they’re not massively technical or purpose-built for an afternoon on a clay court, but they’re tennis-coded, and that’s all that matters.

If your Samba anxiety has reached a boiling point ever since Rishi Sunak sounded the death knell, you could do a lot worse than, uh, checking in with Team Checks before your next purchase. (Dakota Johnson, Evans’ co-star in the movie, is a fan of the Nike Cortez.) And if you’re too lazy to put in the legwork, make like Chris Evans and scoop a pair of even retroier Nike kicks; the Court Royale 2 might be long gone, but the Court Legacy is widely available for a mere $70.

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘Chris Evans doubles down on a nice, normal sneaker with Nike’s Court Royale 2.’

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