Chloë Sevigny's Off-Duty Looks Co-Signs a Dua Lipa-Approved "It" Bag

Chloë Sevigny, perennial downtown “It” girl, is arming her latest look with an edgy “It” bag and comfy shoes. Over the weekend, the actress looked as chic as ever while walking the streets of New York City in a “uniquely her” off-duty look.

Sevigny, fresh off her role as C.Z. Guest in Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, went down a more casual route for her latest outfit compared to her character’s elaborate costumes. She cozied up in a fur-trimmed olive trench coat styled with a blue lace skirt with a jagged hemline. Much of Sevingy’s singular street style is epitomized by layers. And even as the Big Apple weather heats up ever so slightly, the actress wasn’t abandoning that sentiment here. She even indulged in another cornerstone of her off-duty fashion with the remainder of her outfit: savvy styling.

The actress rounded things out with sleek black shades, fur-lined boots, and a buckle bag from Prada (fittingly, she cinched an actual belt on top of her utilitarian coat). Clearly, Sevigny knows that street fashion is just as much about the pieces you have on, as it is how you go about styling them. And, who else other than Sevigny could make Uggs with Prada look so good?

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In fact, Sevigny has been taking a specific liking to this Prada tote recently. She trotted out the piece during another trip around Manhattan, this time closing the belt strap instead of letting it hang freely like she did over the weekend. She accented this particular look with the same coat, a baseball hat, and knitted pants.

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Sevigny isn’t the only “It” girl showing off this “It” bag. Just last week, Dua Lipa incorporated the piece into a no pants moment she concocted up while in London. It makes sense that the accessory, which debuted for Prada’s fall 2024 show, is making waves amongst the fashion crowd. There’s some edge to it thanks to the buckle detail. It’s roomy enough for a day on the town à la Sevigny and Dua. And, perhaps most importantly, the bag arrives “It” girl approved.

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