Central Life Sciences Launches New Insecticide for Greenhouse Market

Mites Central Life Science ClearLeafCentral Life Sciences has added ClearLeaf Insecticide/Miticide to its greenhouse product portfolio. Containing two active ingredients, including Tau-fluvalinate, Abamectin, and a synergist, ClearLeaf Insecticide/Miticide controls a wide array of listed insects and mite pests.

“ClearLeaf Insecticide/Miticide protects commercial greenhouse operations from insects and mites, helping to minimize losses caused by damaging insects and mite pests,” says Reese Peavy, Brand Manager for the Specialty Agriculture division of Central Life Sciences.

ClearLeaf Insecticide/Miticide can be applied in greenhouses, lathe/shade houses, field grown ornamentals, and more. Use as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program to help control insects and provide commercial operations proactive insect solutions.

“Products with multiple modes of action are also ideal partners for resistance management,” Peavy says. “ClearLeaf Insecticide/Miticide was developed with two active ingredients and a synergist to help keep operations protected against insects and mite resistant pests, while also protecting the bottom line.”

For more information as well as the complete lineup of commercial greenhouse and nursery insect control products from Central Life Sciences, visit www.CentralGrower.com.

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