Carla Healy steps up at Raine & Horne Ayr

Carla Healy will take the reins at Raine & Horne Ayr from long-term principals Nora and Peter Andersen.

The Announcement:

Raine & Horne Ayr, a prominent real estate firm in the Burdekin region near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, is thrilled to announce a change in ownership, effective 1 June 2024.

Sales agent Carla Healy will take the reins from long-term principals Mrs Nora and Mr Peter Andersen. 

The Andersens will remain with the business temporarily to support Mrs Healy through the transition.

Mrs Healy joined the business then known as Andersen Real Estate in 2015 before becoming Raine & Horne Ayr in 2019, after a successful retail career. 

She expressed her gratitude towards the Andersens for their mentorship and support. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am without Nora and Peter,” Mrs Healy said.

Nine years ago, they took a chance on a new sales agent in a market that wasn’t thriving like it is now.

“Advising me all the way with their experience and valuable knowledge and through this journey my success is a true result of commitment in getting me to where I am today, ready to take over this most important role.”

“Nora is an exceptionally great real estate agent, and all my knowledge has definitely come from her guidance. 

“They have always looked out for my best interests.”

Initially, business ownership was not on Mrs Healy’s radar when she joined the real estate industry nine years ago.

“I always saw myself owning or being involved in a business related to animals,” she said

“Taking over at Raine & Horne Ayr wasn’t what was intended.

“It was only when Nora and Peter raised the prospect in 2021 that I started seriously thinking about it. 

“One day, it clicked, and I asked myself what was I doing? 

“Real estate is what I love and think about day and night.”

Mrs Healy is excited about the challenge of transitioning from a sales role to business ownership.

“Raine & Horne Ayr has a strong brand name and influence in the Burdekin region, and we have a strong team which has become family,” she said.

“This definitely made the choice easy. It’s not like I’m starting out green and I know the best is yet to come.”

Mrs Healy praised the Raine & Horne corporate office team in Brisbane including Growth Manager Steve Worrad and Queensland Network Manager Kyle Pitman.

“We had approaches from other networks, but with our success under the Raine & Horne umbrella, we realised we are part of a brand that stands out from the crowd,” she said.

“Likewise, Steve and Kyle have been unbelievable and are supporting me every step of the way through the transition. 

“These guys are so down to earth and have my back every step of the way. 

“Truly, everyone at Raine & Horne corporate has just been so fantastic.

“Our clients are comfortable with the history and heritage of the brand, and there is no question about that. 

“Moreover, Nora has been in the local real estate market since 2006 and is a highly regarded and respected Agent.”

“They have confidently left me at the helm as Nora and Peter have started to wind back over the last few years. 

“This has allowed me to prove to myself that I could manage the business in their absence. 

“This has been a great confidence boost as I take over the business.”

Raine & Horne’s industry-leading technology is another factor in Mrs Healy’s decision to continue under the banner of the 141-year-old real estate brand. 

“We use the super brand’s industry-leading CRM CompassPlus. 

“We want to use more technology to make it easier for our team to complete their roles.”

Mrs Healy takes over Raine & Horne Ayr as the local Burdekin region market hits overdrive. 

“We are getting buyers such as young families and downsizers moving here purely because this area is affordable, not to mention the most fabulous fishing in Far North Queensland,” she said.

“The median house price is between $270,000 and $290,000, which, compared to Brisbane, makes this area very attractive to buyers. 

“Better still, the local economy is humming along, and there are plenty of jobs for those who need employment.

“The Burdekin region has a combined population of around 20,000. 

“As a major sugar cane growing region, we have much seasonal work alongside some of the best produce suppliers in the Australian market.”

“We have investors from Victoria all the way over to Western Australia who realise there is so much the region offers to sustain the rental market.

“Don’t forget we’re only an hour from Townsville and two hours to the glorious Whitsundays, while median rents up to $380 a week mean that investors can generate yields as much as 7.3 per cent.”

Under Mrs Healy, Raine & Horne Ayr will continue to support Ayr Golf Clubs, up-and-coming golfers, other charities, sporting groups and community causes. 

“Anything to do with animals, I’ll definitely support that,” she said.

“I intend to make the Raine & Horne brand proud and stand out from the rest, just as Peter and Nora have done.”

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