Cardano’s Chang hard fork sparks interest; eCash and KangaMoon to top charts in 2024

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KangaMoon has spiked 290% and can climb 100x based on analyst projections. Cardano is to reach $1.33 by the end of Q4, 2024, fueled by massive Chang hard fork optimism. eCash has risen 140% YTD and can reach new heights in 2024. 

Cardano (ADA) could soon experience a major price uptrend fueled by the optimism surrounding its latest network upgrade. The Chang hard fork, which marks the Voltaire era, will introduce community governance and empower ADA holders. Alongside it, eCash (XEC) has experienced a major price rally after a 140% YTD climb and could soon reach new heights.

Both of these altcoins can be surpassed by the KangaMoon (KANG) crypto, however, as it’s up 290% and introduces a plethora of features in its vast ecosystem. We will go over the on-chart performance for all of these altcoins and will determine which one can surge the most in 2024 and become the best crypto to invest in.

Cardano’s future is optimistic 

Cardano will soon introduce community governance and empower holders of the native crypto to vote on key proposals. Amid the criticism, Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of the project, has remained optimistic about the Cardano crypto’s future and highlighted the robust research base and commitment to innovation. The key focus here is long-term stability and community engagement, aiming to outlast short-term market volatility and narratives, according to the post on X (Twitter).

As for the recent Cardano price performance, the crypto moved upwards from $0.5635 to $0.6218 during the previous week and now needs to pass the $0.8 price level. Based on the Cardano price prediction, however, the crypto can end Q4 of 2024 at $1.33.

eCash up 140% YTD 

eCash has seen a notable price uptrend during the past trading sessions as its value spiked 140% year-to-date (YTD), and it’s green across the weekly, two-week, and monthly charts. The eCash price has gone up 14% in the past seven days as it moved up from a low point of $0.00006023 to a maximum value of $0.00008422.

Additionally, the eCash crypto’s RSI and MACD data remain bullish, and optimism about its future is currently massive. Based on the latest on-chart metrics and according to the eCash price prediction, it can end 2024 at $0.000121.

KangaMoon (KANG) to introduce P2E ecosystem and social-Fi 

KangaMoon has been dominating the charts ever since the start of its presale and is up 290% as it has been fueled by massive market optimism and trader attention. During the past trading sessions, the crypto moved from $0.005 to $0.0196 and, at this rate, is poised to see far more significant gains.

Specifically, the ecosystem will be community-driven and will introduce Social-Fi elements and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features. Additionally, every player will be able to take control of their KangaMoon character and can complete quests, challenges, and tournaments to get rewarded in KANG or NFTs. 

These NFTs will then be a part of their portfolio and can be sold in a dedicated KangaMoon marketplace, where players can also buy or trade NFTs.

During the ongoing presale, the KANG token has raised $4.5 million but will soon pass the $5 million mark. In addition, there are over 5,800 holders and over 20,000 registered community members. 

According to analyst projections, the crypto can spike 100x following its launch, positioning it as the best new crypto to invest in.

To learn more about this project, visit the KangaMoon presale website or join the community 

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