to update game mechanics presents a new-generation blockchain game designed to cater to enthusiasts of strategic games and adult cartoons such as Rick & Morty or Take My Muffin.

It fosters engagement and entertainment, prioritizing player interaction and enjoyment over rapid cryptocurrency profits. The gameplay involves strategic tasks that challenge players, offering a unique experience. Moreover, the forthcoming version will enhance the user journey even more profoundly.

Interested in the comprehensive overhaul? Curious about the forthcoming improvements for this potentially successful endeavor? Explore our in-depth examination of the upcoming game mechanics and visual enhancements to understand the reasons for considering participation in this evolving gaming experience.

What is is a startup simulator that empowers players to develop a virtual business from the ground up. The action takes place in the dynamic metaverse city of San Crypto – a virtual Silicon Valley where beginning startuppers and vetted tycoons compete fiercely to surpass Bluelight, the reigning corporation.

Infused with sarcastic humor and funny jokes, the game’s narrative takes beginners on an engaging journey of building a startup. 

Although this is a single-player game, users don’t feel lonely – they will be accompanied by charismatic mascots under Dealan’s leadership. These characters will assign quests, offer rewards, and guide through task solving.

What Bluelight has to offer?

While is a recent addition to the gaming world, the developers have already achieved significant milestones:

  • Launched the initial playable private beta featuring office management, project assignment, and team coordination.
  • Found and resolved bugs during the closed alpha phase together with the community.
  • Introduced the open alpha version featuring Tycoon mode (office management) and Collectible Card mode (project completion).

Players can now try both modes, refining their strategy-building skills by playing Collectible Card games. They can also select projects, assign workers from their teams, and earn rewards for completed tasks. 

However, it’s important to note that progress is stored only in players’ browsers, meaning players cannot advance through the game. This is set to change in the near future.

So, what’s going to change?

After extensive testing during two alpha stages, the creators have decided to enhance the visuals and gameplay mechanics of 

What will be altered in the upcoming updates?

  • Increased project complexity: progress will be saved on Bluelight’s services, which means players can level up by completing tasks and tackling increasingly challenging projects. Starting September 2023, players will accumulate experience, engage with captivating projects, and earn deserved rewards.
  • Beginner’s tutorial: before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey within co-working spaces or garages, players will undergo a detailed tutorial that explains rules, game mechanics, and the roles of characters (managers and workers). It will also provide insights into potential future office setups and pro tips for successful project completion.
  • In-game currency: players will get coins for every completed project, which can later be spent on character upgrades, buffs, and non-fungible token (NFT) purchases.

On top of that, developers are pumped to present enhanced Visuals. This is what the current interior looks like: to update game mechanics - 1

New interiors with refined graphics feel cozier and warmer: to update game mechanics - 2

Workers’ appearance has been changed, as well: to update game mechanics - 3

Besides, the creators decided to simplify game mechanics in the Tycoon mode to let players focus on the collectible card game.

This adjustment aims to shift focus on the primary Collectible Card game mode, where teammates will move through the office like non-playable characters (NPCs), freeing players from constant attention and purchases. 

Additionally, the furniture arrangement in Tycoon mode will no longer impact the collectible card game – players will no longer need to rearrange furniture before every project, which would be very time consuming and challenging when projects become truly difficult to deal with.

Ready to explore?

Before fully engaging in the immersive virtual startup-building experience, players can explore the game’s current iteration. This trial phase lets you familiarize yourself with the mechanics and refine your strategic skills while undertaking project tasks.

The best part is that there’s no requirement for initial investments or NFT acquisitions, as Bluelight operates on a Free-to-Play basis. You’ll have a complimentary workspace to assemble your team and initiate projects.

Click here to become a startupper and explore the game. 

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