Beyoncé tickets, book advances, Bali trip revealed in new Supreme Court financial disclosures

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (L) and Beyoncé (R).

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Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson disclosed receiving concert tickets from pop superstar Beyoncé, one of several notable items revealed Friday in the high court’s latest financial disclosure reports.

Jackson valued the four tickets at $3,711.84, according to her annual disclosure form, which covered all of 2023.

Financial disclosure report of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Courtesy: Supreme Court of the United States

It is unclear precisely which show Jackson or her family attended, but Beyoncé played a sold-out show in a thunderstorm in the Washington, D.C., area in August 2023.

The Renaissance Tour concert was attended by Vice President Kamala Harris, who later disclosed a gift of tickets from Beyoncé on her own annual disclosure forms, citing their value at $3,312.

The Beyoncé tickets may have been the flashiest gifts given last year to a member of the nation’s most powerful court, but they were not the only ones.

Jackson also disclosed two gifts of art to hang in her judicial chambers, worth a combined $12,500.

The most recent justice to join the high court also disclosed more income from a book than any of her colleagues last year, the filings showed.

Jackson reported that she received a book advance of $893,750 from Penguin Random House, which is publishing her memoir “Lovely One” in September. Jackson is the only justice on the court who was nominated by President Joe Biden.

Justice Clarence Thomas reported that he received a gift of two photo albums valued at $2,000 from Terrence Giroux, who leads the nonprofit Horatio Alger Association, and his wife Barbara.

Thomas also amended his 2019 disclosure report to disclose for the first time two trips that he took as a guest of Harlan Crow, the Republican megadonor whose luxury trips with Thomas sparked an ethics scandal last year.

Thomas’ amendments said the trips had been “inadvertently omitted at the time of filing” his 2019 report.

They showed that Crow had furnished him with food and lodging at a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, on one trip, and on a different trip to a private club in Monte Rio, California, in July 2019.

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh disclosed $340,000 in book royalty income from Javelin Group and Regnery Publishing.

Kavanaugh is penning a “legal memoir,” Axios reported Thursday. Kavanaugh weathered a fraught confirmation process after he was accused of having committed sexual assault while he was in high school.

Justice Neil Gorsuch disclosed $250,000 in royalty income from HarperCollins Publishers for his book “Over Ruled,” which is due out in August.

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