Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone You Know and Love in 2024

The best Valentine’s Day gifts really come down to the gesture itself, no matter what your thoughts are on the holiday: A consumerist farce, maybe, or one of your favorite days on the calendar. The smallest trinket (a new toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, or a key to your apartment that takes a couple bucks to make a copy for) can mean a whole lot more than it lets on.

But here at GQ, we’re also of the opinion that it never hurts to scheme up a capital-G Gift to show that special someone (or perhaps someones, plural!) in your life that you’ve got it together, you know what day it is, and you’re not shy with your displays of affection. With that in mind, we’ve assembled gift ideas at every price point, big and small, for any gesture you might have planned this Valentine’s Day.

We’ve also polished off some of our best general gift guides for all the people (dads, moms, and beyond) in your life, because you might be feeling generous with where you’re extending your love this year. There are even some gift ideas for those gray area people—the “haven’t defined the relationship” sort, or the ones you’re just getting to know better—who warrant more than a bouquet.

Below you’ll find all the best Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in your orbit, according to us. We’ll keep updating this page with more Valentine’s coverage up until the 14th, so don’t forget to check back here throughout the next few weeks.

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Valentine’s Gifts for Everyone You Can Think Of

More Specifically…

If you just want to glance through our top recommendations, we’ve sorted everything below according to who they’re for, how much you’re looking to spend, and how long you’ve known each other.

Gifts for Men

Le Mont St. Michel

French Moleskin Work Jacket

Nothing more romantic than the kind of trend-resistant jacket that he’ll want to keep around for decades to come, no matter what life throws at him. Every time he wears it, he’ll have reason to think of you.


You liked it, so you put a ring on it. Just not that ring.


Turn that funky music up!

Huckberry x Blundstone

Turns out limited-edition Blunnies are the key to his heart.

Gifts for Women


For the woman who isn’t really herself until she’s downed her first espresso of the day, here’s some cheery glassware that will at least help lift her mood when she’s at her absolute groggiest in the morning.


Bearaby’s ergonomically designed body pillow twists and turns in all kinds of comforting shapes—it’s kind of like a hug. Sort of.

Nashi Home

It steals a little bit of the shine from the desserts it’s displaying, but that’s OK.


An absolute indulgence for long flights or spending the entire Saturday on the couch.

Gifts For $50 and Under


Tulip Vase Wellness Journal

Here’s to letting her scribble her way towards a clearer (happier) mind.

The Six Bells

For your goddess of a Valentine, something sweet and splendorous for the kitchen table.


End-On-End Cotton Boxer Shorts

Menswear-inspired, monogrammable bottoms for lazy mornings.


Bath enhancers that come mixed in with vetiver and sandalwood to make the whole soaking experience that much more therapeutic.

Gifts For $100 and Under

Atlas Coffee

Chocolate and Coffee Gift Set

Name a better duo than chocolate and rich coffee beans…we’ll wait.


America the Beautiful Parks Pass 2024/2025

For the pesron who’s always down to break new ground, explore the unknown, and maybe even share a tiny van with you out there off the grid, this pass gains you entry to a bunch of new territory to explore around the country.


Our Place

So easy on the eyes that it pulls double-duty as a Statement Ceramic.


Sensible slip-ons in a pulse-spiking shade, from the Swoosh’s ACG line? A slam-dunk as far as Valentine’s Day gifts go.

Gifts for Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Philodendron white knight plant

Something symbolic for the person who regularly saves your ass. Not only are they hard to come by (also symbolic for your “diamond in the rough” partner), but they’re also pretty easy to take care of in case he’s a regular plant killer.

Tom Ford

Myrrh Mystere Eau de Parfum

Ford’s typically sultry cologne—which mixes notes of myrrhe, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla—is practically an aphrodisiac, and makes for a sensational signature scent all year-long.


Essential Mini Bucket Tote

Presenting a suede bucket bag that looks like pure sin.

Annika Inez

A rock for your rock, set in a brilliantly polished sterling silver band.

Gifts for Husbands and Wives


Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream

You can lead a man to water, but you can’t always make him drink. Thankfully, Aesop has enough curb appeal that with this in hand, he’ll at least be tempted to hydrate his face every once in a while.

Todd Snyder

x Timex Blackout Expedition North Watch

Timex’s latest collab with Todd Snyder is a keeper for any burgeoning Watch Guy or well-established Watch Nerd with its sleek black-on-black design and contrast stitching.


Like a warm hug, second only to yours.


Better water pressure and advanced filtration is a giant win for everyone.

Gifts for Crushes, New Significant Others, and People You Don’t Know So Well

Esther Perel

Where Should We Begin Game

Psychotherapist and sex prophet Esther Perel has a new game for you to play.


Bond Street Blue Stationery Set

Bring back love letters.

Urban Stems

When in doubt, a lush bouquet is never a bad fallback option.

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