Best Manscaping Groomer 2023: 13 Superlative Body Hair Trimmers for Men

We rounded up picks for the best manscaping groomer, because while you don’t get to choose where your body hair sprouts, you can at least dictate how to wear it. Some guys like to keep it smooth all around, while others let it all grow with reckless abandon. We tend to land somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. We’re not so into full-on dolphin skin, but like your beard and head hair, body hair shouldn’t be left to its own devices: You should be intentional about how you wear it.

The Best Body Hair Trimmers, at a Glance

Which means the best body hair trimmer for you comes down to your preferences. Some guys want a multipurpose manscaper, while others need a smooth shaver, or just a device dedicated to a specific body part. (“Best trimmer for balls” is a perennially popular search.) And few guys will share the same neck-to-toe preferences.

Luckily, there are some devices that tackle just about every body part, while others are deftly dedicated to specific areas. They’ve got the proper ergonomics or attachments for each task—which makes a good argument for keeping the device separate from your beard trimmer.

Do I really need one of these?

John Mayer was right: your body is a wonderland. But it’s also an unruly mess of thistles, an orifice-riddled minefield with more hair to maneuver around than a WWE Smackdown. And if you prefer it that way, that’s totally okay! But if you’re interested in tidying up a little, buying a device specifically engineered for full-body use is always a wiser move than reaching for the same trimmer you use to shave your face.

The long, spindly hairs on your back, the gnarly thicket of hair on your shoulders: all of it differs—in size, shape, and texture—from the hair on your face, so pruning those areas naturally demands a different set of tools. (You don’t use the same soap on your hands as you do on your ass, right?) In a pinch, you could probably get away with using a really good, really clean, electric shaver, but we’d advise against taking the lazy way out here: using a beard trimmer—or worse, a regular razor—might seem efficient, but you’re more likely to bungle the job and leave your device coughing up gunk for months after.

What should I look for?

Good question. It’s not that tricky: most of the same features you’d consider when buying any grooming device—cutting power, ease-of-use, battery life—are key here too, though ergonomics factor heavily into the equation (and safety-enhancing features like extra-fine blades and bonus guard combs should be a prerequisite). If all that sounds like a lot of meaningless jargon to you, relax: we already worked through all the thorny calculations.

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