Best Cologne for Men in 2024, Tested and Reviewed by GQ

Why we love it: I didn’t include too many “sweet” scents here, but Debaser made the cut for a reason. It’s sweet, sure, but it also oozes earthy freshness. It feels like a forest bath near a patch of fig trees, and it very well might be the most broadly appealing fragrance on this entire list.

Why we love it: There’s a reason the original Polo continues to hold strong nearly half a century into its existence: It manages to be both sexy and professional, a versatile woody-aromatic scent that works in almost every context. Better yet, because there are so many remixes of the OG, wearing the version that started it all still feels as refreshing as the latest launch.

Vibe: Summer in Colorado | Key Notes: Pineapple, black currant, musk, birch

Why we love it: For hard-boiled fragrance buffs, Aventus’ ubiquity has catalyzed a polarizing love-it-or-hate-it binary, probably because it continues to be enormously popular for its crisp, birch-tinged, pineapple-esque zeal. I’d strongly recommend you ignore that debate completely—for most folks, the fragrance is as straightforward as a tidy rom-com ending: Love at first sniff.

Why we love it: In the perfume industry, all noses are pointed towards Arquiste right now, and Misfit is the niche house’s absolute best scent. Misfit errs on the sexier side—perfect as an evening or date-night scent—but it works great in the daytime, too, if your vibe skews vibrant and extroverted (or you’d really like it to). Fair warning: You will get asked about it, so prepare to play dumb if you’re the gatekeeping type. There’s a reason that my personal bottle is half empty despite the hundreds of other options in my scent library—and why I’m going to order another bottle as soon as it’s finished.

Applying Arquiste Misfit EDP

Tested and reviewed by Adam Hurly

Vibe: The high-school crush you should’ve asked out | Key Notes: Orris, orange blossom, rose, incense

Why we love it: I can’t fully explain why, but few scents have impacted me as strongly as this one. It feels like a memory I never made, a happy, nostalgic sensation I find myself turning to for purely selfish reasons—knowing full well that anyone else who smells it will find it uplifting and profound, too.

Why we love it: Even if you weren’t aware of it at the time, you’ve probably caught a whiff of Chanel Bleu at one point or another—and likely haven’t forgotten it since. Its pleasant omnipresence tends to conjure happy memories from those who smell it, especially in passing. (It reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who was all-too-fun and none-too-serious—exactly what I needed him to be.) I always treat myself to a huff when I amble into Sephora, if only to feel 22 again. How’s that for time travel?

Vibe: Oval Office-ready | Key Notes: Bergamot, clove, amber, musk

Why we love it: A chosen scent of one George Washington, this American stalwart persists for its crisp, sophisticated projection. It feels like a modern evolution of the classic aftershave cologne—the same barbershop-adjacent vibe, but with a lot more lasting power. (Much like George, I simply cannot tell a lie.)

Louis Vuitton

Imagination EDP

Why we love it: I legitimately get goosebumps every time I smell Louis Vuitton’s flagship EDP, a tingle in my scalp that sends serotonin surging through my veins. Before I encountered it, I never thought a scent could make feel like the gravity had left my body. To put it in less poetic terms: If I had to choose one scent to wear for the rest of my life, it’d probably be this.

Image may contain Bottle Cosmetics Perfume and Aftershave

Louis Vuitton Imagination EDP

Image may contain Bottle Cosmetics and Perfume

Tested and reviewed by Adam Hurly

Vibe: Tatted West Village bar-owner | Key Notes: Leather, rum, oak, black pepper, cherry

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