Ben Affleck Has Fully Adopted the Sneakerhead Uniform

When it comes to personal style, Ben Affleck is a man of consistency. For decades, the actor has relied on nondescript designer jackets, worn-in flannels, graphic tees, and hypebeast sneakers—the de facto uniform of many Gen-X, A-list men. (In fact, Ben’s been so unfailing with his style that he kept the custom Franck Muller watch his then-fiancée Jennifer Lopez gifted him in 2002 through the intervening two decades before they reunited and got married.) In the last month, Affleck has narrowed his scope even further to a single go-to formula, riffing on the same general ensemble (head-to-ankle Brunello Cucinelli casualwear accessorized with an iced coffee) with a rotating selection of eye-watering Nike Dunks.

Last week, Affleck was photographed outside of his children’s school in Los Angeles wearing his chosen look—a shearling-lined, cranberry-hued corduroy jacket layered over a zippered Fair Isle cardigan and straight-leg jeans, all by Brunello Cucinelli—and demonstrated his New England pride in a pair of limited-edition Ben and Jerry’s Nikes.

Ben Affleck in Los Angeles on January 18…


…and later, on January 25.


Affleck, a longtime sneakerhead, has an expansive collection of hard-to-find footwear—but this latest pair ranks among his rarest. Released in 2020, the Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Lows feature the brand’s signature blue sky/green meadow motif, faux cowhide detailing, tie-dye lining, and a dripping yellow swoosh whose “melted” edges are meant to evoke, say, a double-scoop Cherry Garcia cone on a July afternoon. The sneakers—unfortunately nicknamed “Chunky Dunky,” in honor of the Vermont dairy proprietors’ popular banana ice cream flavor Chunky Monkey—regularly fetch four figures on the resale market.

But just a week earlier, Affleck sported a nearly identical ensemble save for a different (but still covetable) pair of kicks: colorblocked “Friends and Family” Parra x Nike Dunks designed by Dutch artist Pieter “Parra’” Janssen. A day later, he swapped out the cardigan for a nubby blue crewneck and one pair of Parra SB Dunks for another, opting then for the patterned “Abstract Art” colorway from 2021.

On January 19, the jacket and Dunks reappeared.


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