Away Luggage Black Friday Sale 2023: Save 20% on Every Suitcase

Jetsetters, today’s a beautiful day to go nuts on a new set of wheels (well, sorta): The Away luggage Black Friday sale just dropped way ahead of schedule, marking down every single model of its best-selling spinners to the lowest prices you’ll likely see all year. The beloved luggage brand rarely runs specials, mainly because its whole ethos is reasonable pricing and premium quality as a baseline. But luckily for you, Away just marked down all of its luggage by 20% ahead of Black Friday. Even the brand’s limited-edition colorways and Rimowa-esque aluminum shell bags are included in the mix.

More than any other DTC luggage brand (and there are a lot of them, aren’t there?), Away has cultivated a cult following for its sleek but still accessible baggage, which are the travel bags of choice for people who wouldn’t be caught dead rolling around a softshell Samsonite. Away luggage has personality without being loud, and that sense of style actually serves a practical purpose. The distinctive design, unique colors, and personalized monogram options also make it easier to spy your suitcase on the baggage carousel. (If it weren’t for the fact that these bags are so popular these days, you’d never have a problem locating yours).

The Away luggage Black Friday sale runs through midnight on November 27, and we wouldn’t count on a “surprise” extension with this sale. For now, the bargain bin does not include any of Away’s popular totes, backpacks, or travel accessories, but we’ll update this post if any of these items get thrown in. (Last year, Away offered up to 40% off these items but didn’t discount luggage, so they’ve taken the opposite tack this year.)

Once again, this is a rare opportunity to save 20% on Away’s most popular suitcases, which GQ once described as diet-Rimowa. We’ve been tracking the best Black Friday luggage deals of the season, and this is easily one of the best yet. So until you finally set that OOO away message, you can at least look forward to your new luggage being delivered.

The Best Luggage from the Away Black Friday Sale

GQ editors love the classic Away Carry-On, an unpretentious but stylish suitcase designed to slip perfectly into overhead compartments. Because Away rarely offers discounts, we can’t remember ever seeing this bag priced this low. The $55 discount also more than covers the cost of monogramming your new suitcase, if you feel so inclined.

The even larger version of the original Carry-On is what we’d recommend for overpackers. While the standard version is guaranteed to fit into all airline overhead bins, the Bigger Carry-On might get you gate-checked from time to time. Still, this is definitely still a carry-on-friendly bag and is also the most-searched-for luggage on Google so far this year. Order it before everyone else on the world wide web catches on.

One suitcase just isn’t enough. To be a proper globetrotter, you need both a carry-on and a checked bag for your travels. The Large has enough space for extended stays, with the streamlined spinner wheels and sleek hardshell exterior that we know and love.


The Medium: Aluminum Edition

We were surprised to see Away’s most elite luggage included in the Black Friday sale, but we’re not going to look a gift reindeer in the mouth. Even if it doesn’t have that Rimowa clout, this aluminum-body baggage is still downright sexy. Away’s Aluminum Edition luggage can also be upgraded with built-in USB chargers, a value-add that GQ reviewers recommend.

Do you prefer extendable luggage? Then you’ll want to opt into the Flex series, which has all the features we love about Away’s standard carry-on bags but with additional breathing room for all your last-minute extras. If you’re traveling for the holidays, this bag can expand to include all of the goodies and Christmas gifts you picked up while visiting home.

Likewise, the Flex version of Away’s The Medium bag expands to offer an extra 1.75 inches of space. And through November 27, you can snag this bag at a record-low price.


The Bigger Carry-On (Limited Edition)

Finally, we have to call out Away for including its limited-edition colorways (including the new Holiday Chrome line) in its Black Friday sale. If you really want your bag to stand out on the carousel, order your bag with the abstract Alpine Landscape colorway.

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