Avi Khan: Why grit outshines gimmicks in real estate

Many real estate agents are in constant pursuit of a single silver bullet to stand out from the crowd, a quick fix to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive industry.

My question to those seeking a lazy springboard to success is – why? 

There is the obvious lack of drive to invest in hard work, with many agents believing there are shortcuts to quick success in a highly competitive industry.

However, those at the top understand and appreciate only immense hard work, dedication and commitment to long-term client relationships secures a sustainable advantage.

Sadly, the industry is too often swept up in a promise of fast gains and short pathways to elite levels. 

Perhaps most deceiving though is a growing belief in technology as the sole key to cracking the real estate code.

Agents must ask themselves, is technology:

  1. Helping you get in front of clients?
  2. Providing you with valuable reasons to call?
  3. Assisting in spending more time on dollar-productive activities?
  4. Will it be an enabler or disabler to build relationships with clients?

I implore my colleagues to determine whether the technology they use is an enabler or disabler. 

We often forget real estate is people-driven, forged on an agent’s relationship with their client.

This means no amount of tech can replace a personal touch and the expertise of an agent who has genuine empathy and care.

Yes, technology can be an invaluable tool, but it’s crucial to remember it’s not the golden nugget you’ve been led to believe. 

The likes of AI-generated chatbots and property ads have a place in our industry, in assisting with prospecting, transacting, connecting with clients and offering a better overall experience.

Yet there is a huge risk of distraction and hindrance if not used properly, so agents must continually evaluate the technology they use and its value to their ecosystem.

Again, I remind you, it’s the agent with the strongest client relationships who gets ahead of the game in this cut-throat industry of ours. 

In a world full of technology noise, what determines the leaders from the pack are ironically old-school traditional fundamental behaviours.

Build trust, provide value, deliver exceptional service.

Put the time and effort into shaping your own personal path to success. 

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