AVAX and SOL rallying but analysts back MATIC and GFOX

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The bull market is back in full swing. The ability to arrive early to narratives and effectively rotate capital throughout trends will separate the investor who walks away with a 5X and the investor who walks away with a 50X. You want to be in front of the following trade before it arrives, and in a world where the top 10 coins to buy now change almost daily, this is no small feat. 

Luckily, one enormous and obvious catalyst is coming later this year- the spot Ethereum ETF. Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL) are higher, but Polygon (MATIC) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX) are emerging as coins to watch. As it appears, the alternative layer-1 trade is closing, and the Ethereum beta narrative is beginning. 

Avalanche and Solana pump higher 

Avalanche and Solana have been two of the fastest horses this cycle, and markets displayed fantastic muscle memory, allowing investors to rerun the alternative layer one trade. 

As adoption grows, the need for scalable blockchains increases, and the demand for higher-performance layer-1s has been driving AVAX and SOL higher. 

Solana is among the fastest layer-1s on the market and will be an obvious onboarding point for new retail users. Avalanche’s bid has come from its drive into the RWA space and demand for its subnet program. 

While both these major altcoins still rank among the best cryptocurrencies to buy this cycle, the real coins to watch are MATIC and GFOX.

Galaxy Fox and Polygon: Ethereum beta plays

The top 10 coins to consider now are all Ethereum beta plays. The spot Bitcoin ETF has supported BTC prices. 

As such, analysts expect more upsides when these same inflows occur on ETH- a token with a much smaller market cap and a better economic policy (deflationary).  

Polygon is a straightforward ETH beta play, and this project has always aligned itself with scaling Ethereum. 

When ETH rallies 5%, MATIC can rally up to 15% in the same direction. 

Galaxy Fox, on the other hand, has already raised $3.4 million. Early momentum-building success is the number one indicator of future performance among presales, and GFOX is worth noting. It delivers a new hybrid model blending the upside of a memecoin with the entertainment of a P2E project. 

GFOX holders can earn staking rewards and compete in the web3 runner game to win prizes distributed at the season’s end. 

As it is, GFOX is on track to compete with projects like Axie Infinity (AXS) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Analysts note that it is one of the few assets capable of producing yield while having a fully deflationary supply due to its token burn and taxation system blend. 

Closing thoughts

Look at Bitcoin’s performance from June when BlackRock announced the spot ETF. Ethereum may post similar gains, priming its ecosystem.

The top 10 coins to consider now are ETH betas, and the smaller the market cap, the better. Supporters argue that GFOX stands to be a beneficiary.

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