Austin Butler Proves Men Can Nail the Method Dressing Trend, Too

Method Dressing? For men? Austin Butler’s latest outfit is answering the dilemma with a resounding “yes.” Today, the actor proved that men can method dress, too, as he stepped out to The Bikeriders press conference in an on-theme look.

Now, Butler’s outfit isn’t necessarily on the meta-levels of theme dressing when compared to the likes of Zendaya—who practically coined the theme dressing trend with Dune and Challengers—or Margot Robbie’s Barbie streak. But the actor still managed to bring a bit of his upcoming Midwestern motorcycle thriller to the press conference in Sydney, Australia. Butler sported a vintage Buco motorcycle jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around that featured silver stud details and a relaxed fit. He paired his coat with a distressed, vintage graphic t-shirt, cigarette-style pants, and black boots.

Yes, wearing a motorcycle jacket is de rigueur for someone starring in a film centered around a gang of bike riders. But, what really brought this moment to the next level was the fact that Butler was posing for photos while atop a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Like Zendaya, who attended a tennis tournament while promoting Challengers, a little on-the-nose scenery certainly didn’t hurt Butler’s cause here.

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Later in the evening, Butler switched back into the de facto red carpet uniform for male actors. He sported a pinstripe double breasted suit and a white button down shirt during The Bikeriders premiere at the Sydney Film Festival.

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In The Bikeriders, Butler stars opposite Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer in a tale about a Chicago biker gang called the Vandals. The film, directed by Jeff Nichols, is inspired by Danny Lyon’s book of photography, The Bikeriders.

“There’s such a trust,” Butler told Interview of filming the movie’s bike riding scenes. “When we’d be in these groups of 40, riding bikes down a tiny road, and you’re thinking, ‘If anybody were to crash right now, all of us would go down.’ And we’re not wearing helmets, riding through cornfields as fast as we can.”

The actor continued, joking “I don’t know how they insured the film, to be honest. And you’re riding behind a picture car as well, it’s kicking up pebbles in your face, so you’re getting hit in the eyes with rocks. It was so visceral.”

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