Aussie suburbs’ love affair with cars amid urban shift

Revving up for the upcoming Melbourne Grand Prix, let’s dive into the Aussie suburbs that have an undeniable love affair with their four-wheeled companions.

While the average number of cars per household stands at 1.75, there’s an interesting shift underway.

Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a 0.8 per cent rise in households proudly steering towards a car-free lifestyle.

The driving force behind this change? Surging urban densities in locales boasting robust public transport options.

In the heart of the city, owning a car is becoming less imperative, also presenting a challenge is the scarcity of parking spaces.

Surprisingly, more than 200,000 households across the country proudly showcase their automotive fleet, boasting five or more cars.

Brisbane takes the lead as the city with the highest concentration of such car enthusiasts, while Canberra appears to have a more modest auto-loving community.

Zooming in on the neighbourhoods, Kenthurst in the outer realms of Sydney emerges as the undisputed champion in households with an impressive collection of cars.

With sprawling average block sizes of two hectares, there’s ample space for these automotive treasures.

It’s a trend that holds true – neighbourhoods with an abundance of cars tend to be nestled in suburbs with expansive blocks of land.

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