Arbitrum and Cardano show decline while investors look to Milei Moneda 

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Arbitrum and Cardano prices may fall, while Milei Moneda’s presale draws investor interest with promising returns.

As the crypto market sell-off continues, Arbitrum (ARB) and Cardano (ADA) prices have suffered notable downtrends over the past month. This has caused many investors in these once high-flying projects to look elsewhere for refuge.

The presale of Milei Moneda (MEDA) has emerged as a possible saving grace, promising double-digit returns that could help mitigate their losses from bearish price action.

Arbitrum faces downtrend despite recent developments

The price of Arbitrum has dropped more than 30% over the past month amid broader market weakness. This steep decline follows a token unlock event in which approximately 92.65 million ARB tokens were distributed to advisors, team members, and investors.

More recently, Arbitrum deployed its BOLD testnet in an effort to strengthen the network, allowing anyone to participate in transaction validation and withdrawals back to Ethereum. However, the price of Arbitrum continues to trend downward, falling over 15% just last week.

Given the prevailing bearish sentiment in the market, numerous crypto analysts anticipate a further decline in the value of Arbitrum. According to their projections, the price of Arbitrum will reach as low as $1.02 before the end of April. 

Surge in large holder inflows fails to boost Cardano 

After maintaining its position on the top 10 altcoins list for several years, Cardano experienced a relatively modest year-to-date gain of just under 4%. This performance has allowed Toncoin and Dogecoin to surpass Cardano in terms of crypto market cap, pushing it down to the eleventh position.

Despite recent data from leading analyses revealing a staggering 28,372% surge in large holder inflows for Cardano, with the number of ADA tokens held by significant investors skyrocketing from 54.93 million to 6.32 billion in April, the price of Cardano has continued to decline. In the past week alone, Cardano has witnessed a significant drop of over 20% in its price.

Furthermore, market analysts believe that if the current market volatility persists, the value of Cardano is expected to continue its downward trajectory. They predict the price of Cardano could drop to as low as $0.35 before the end of April.

Market downturn pushes investors towards Milei Moneda presale

Amid the persistent decline in prices observed on major cryptocurrencies like Arbitrum and Cardano, investors are turning their attention to the Milei Moneda presale as a potential alternative. Milei Moneda, a memecoin inspired by the meme-worthy Javier Milei, has garnered significant recognition and popularity due to its distinctive approach and possible benefits.

Market experts who have conducted a comprehensive analysis have indicated that Milei Moneda has the potential to become one of the most promising crypto investments in 2024. Unlike other meme coins relying solely on hype, Milei Moneda focuses on tangible utility and long-term growth, adhering diligently to a well-defined roadmap. 

At present, the MEDA presale is in Stage 2, offering tokens at an altcoin price of $0.0125. As the presale progresses to Stage 3, the MEDA token price will increase. Once the presale concludes, MEDA will launch with a defi coin price of $0.020, offering Stage 1 and Stage 2 investors an impressive 100% and 60% ROI, respectively.

To learn more, visit the Milei Moneda website or reach out on Telegram.

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