Aptos integrates dWallet for expanded multi-chain operability

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Multi-chain-focused protocol dWallet has announced its arrival on the layer-1 blockchain to enhance the user experience in DeFi and web3 gaming. 

Expanding dWallet’s technological stack to Aptos primarily aims to introduce Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs) to the decentralized L1 network, enhancing native multi-chain interoperability within the Aptos ecosystem. 

dWallet Network co-founder Omer Sadika highlighted that the partnership with Aptos allows users to conduct native Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions to the chain without the need for bridging or token wrapping requirements.

“Doing so broadens horizons for defi and gaming” in a giant leap toward realizing a multi-chain future, Sadika wrote. 

dWallet Network’s cryptographic 2PC-MPC model incentivizes on-chain participation from both end-users and several validators, onboarding more individuals and clients into the defi scene. 

“I’m excited about developers in the Aptos ecosystem being able to develop ZTPs that operate seamlessly across all of Web3 in a cryptographically secure way,” Aptos researcher Professor Benny Pinkas remarked, touting the collaboration as a progressive move by the L1 network. 

Launched in October 2022, Aptos is a monolithic non Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible L1. The platform offers quick low-cost transactions and reduced energy requirements due to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

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