‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Pride, Prejudice & Pot

Seema and Carrie head to The Well for some emergency massages, showing off their increasingly opposing styles in the process. Once again, Seema opts for monochrome, wearing all white in knee-high boots, an eyelet pencil skirt, fur-collared jacket, and fuzzy little clutch. Carrie, meanwhile, embraces her inner bohemian in wide-leg jeans, a gray-and-pink striped sweater, leather jacket, plaid scarf, and wool newsboy cap.

Unfortunately, The Well is having a Valentine’s Day special where they only provide couples massages on the special day (seems like a missed opportunity to cater to the single and knotty). Seema fights with the front desk worker as well as the larger cultural obsession with Valentine’s Day (“What holiday? Last I looked, it was Thursday. Banks are open. Mail’s being delivered.”). Don’t worry, though, she’s taking her grievances to Yelp.

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