An MMA Fighter Breaks Down How Hard It Was for Jake Gyllenhaal to Get 'Road House' Ready

“Before a weigh-in and a fight, you’ll typically have about eight weeks’ preparation,” he says. “It doesn’t get easier!” he laughs about cutting weight. “I’ve been doing this for eight or nine years now, but even when I’m tired, I step onto the mats, and I’m good to go. I have a lot more to give.”

It’s difficult to say how much time Gyllenhaal had to get in such great shape before filming, but it’s likely his nutrition followed a similar plan to Edwards’. “You have to start with diet,” he explains. “You need to find a diet that works for you, that’s sustainable. If you have a diet that’s too harsh, you’re going to crash and have a binge.”

Which isn’t to say it’s all about chicken and broccoli. “My nutrition is covered for me, but you can pretty much eat what you want. You just have to make sure the portion size is right,” Edwards explains. (He’s referring here to lean meats and veg, not baked goods, before you get any ideas). “I’ll be on three meals a day, and two shakes a day. And I’d be training two to three times a day, six days a week.”

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The Workout

“I’d start my day off with a run, followed by a strength and conditioning session later,” Edwards says of a typical pre-fight training camp. “Do that four or five times a week, and in eight weeks, you should start to notice changes.”

Gyllenhaal’s shape here is toned but slim, with a tapering upper back leading to a slim waist. As such, Edwards’ suggested workout is all about explosive movements that burn fat and help you firm up at the same time. Give it a go a few times a week and see if you notice a difference.

Morning run – 5K

Pre-breakfast means you’ll burn fat stores, not the food you’ve just eaten. If you’re aiming to hit the gym later, short and fast is better than long and slow. It’ll also help you fit it in before work, too.

Evening workout

Doubling up won’t be feasible every day, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Work through the below, with one minute’s rest between sets and a longer rest before exercises. If your gym is busy and equipment scarce, feel free to mix the order up, working in certain moves when that particular kit is free.

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