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An Introvert’s Guide to Visibility in the Workplace

Visibility in the workplace isn’t nice to have, it’s a necessity. Being seen and recognized for your work can open doors to new opportunities and propel your career forward. But that doesn’t have to come at the cost of becoming someone you’re not. Even as an introvert, you can find ways to play to your strengths. In this article, the author outlines five strategies to boost your visibility: 1) Speak up early in meetings. 2) Take the pressure off. 3) Ditch self-deprecation. 4) Leverage async methods of communication. 5) Show gratitude.

A reader recently told me, “I prefer to be brilliant behind the scenes.” If you’re an introvert — someone who’s more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and who tends to recharge in solitude then you may relate to this sentiment. Many introverts value depth and thoughtfulness in their work over noise and showmanship. They’re content to contribute without constant recognition or the spotlight. 

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