Alfa Romeo Milano revealed as brand's first full EV offering

Alfa Romeo has made it clear it’s going to fully electric models over the next few years, and that seems to be starting with the newly revealed Milano. It’s a subcompact SUV, and while it seems that it will be offered with an internal combustion engine (similar to its platform-mate, the Jeep Avenger), Alfa has only talked about the EV powertrains to start with. And at least one of them sounds quite entertaining.

Styling-wise, there’s no mistaking the Milano for anything but an Alfa. It’s very curvy, and has the prominent inverted triangle grille that’s the brand’s signature. It adopts some boomerang-shaped headlights that blend into additional air inlets on either side of the grille. That inverted triangle grille can feature different patterns, such as the mesh with classic “Alfa Romeo” script shown on the blue example, or the zoomed-in Alfa shield pattern shown on the red one. The tail features a wide rear that attempts to ape the “kamm tail” of the Alfa Romeo TZ sports car. We’re not sure how successful it is at that, but it still looks solid.

The Milano is fairly small. It comes in at just over 164 inches long and 70 inches wide, or around the size of a Kia Soul. It’s also about 2 inches shorter in length than a Jeep Renegade, but that also makes it about 4 inches longer than the diminutive Jeep Avenger. 

The interior is pretty typical Alfa, too. The 10.25-inch instrument screen is housed in a double-barrel shroud, and the 10.25-inch infotainment screen is mounted a little lower and canted toward the driver in the center stack. Round air vents bookend the dashboard.

Powertrain details aren’t complete, but the basics are there. The standard versions will get a 156-horsepower single motor at the front, while the Veloce gets a 240-horsepower single front motor. Both get a 54-kWh battery pack. On the WLTP cycle, the 156-horsepower version gets 250 miles of range. That would undoubtedly be lower on the EPA cycle if the car were to be offered here. And while there’s no number for the Veloce, you can also count on that being lower than the standard model.

Alfa Romeo Milano

The Veloce doesn’t just get more power, though. It sits an inch lower on 20-inch wheels, and it gets stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars. The front brakes are upgraded to four-piston calipers with larger 15-inch rotors. Capping everything off is a Torsen limited-slip differential. It sounds like an awful lot of fun (and also sounds a bit like the setup for the Fiat 600e Abarth).

The Milano will be available to order in Europe this summer. But the question is, will America get it? If we did, we would probably only get the electric version. The size is probably the biggest obstacle, though the fact it’s a tad larger than other cars on the same platform, and is comparable to some existing U.S. market vehicles, it might have a chance. Timing would work out pretty well, as Alfa did say it will launch an EV in the U.S. in 2025. We’ve reached out to Alfa’s U.S. arm for info and will update if we get an answer.



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