The Alex Brown Residency aims to provide emerging and established artists of exceptional merit with an experience of the working conditions that the artist Alex Brown (1966–2019) found in Des Moines, Iowa. In an exceptional studio space and a relaxed, comfortable living environment, residents have the ability to make the work they want to make, free from the daily influence of being immersed in a major metropolitan scene but without the isolation of a rural residency.

The Alex Brown Foundation & Residency, inaugurated in 2020, offers visiting artists from around the world the unique opportunity to create their work in an intimate, modest-sized city. A residency at the Alex Brown Foundation is ideal for artists looking to work in a spacious private studio without distraction, and with access to a unique community.

The Artist-in-Residence program provides a generous 1,4000-square-foot studio space at Mainframe Studios, a renovated 1970s telecommunications building in downtown Des Moines. It also includes a monthly expense allowance of $1,000, up to $1,000 in airfare or reimbursement for other travel to and from Des Moines, and a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment situated in a quiet centrally located neighborhood, just a three-minute drive and a 14-minute walk from the studio.

Application Instructions
The Alex Brown Foundation & Residency is currently accepting applications for its 2025 program. Applications including a portfolio, CV, and proposal will be accepted from artists working in any medium with an application fee of $20. The application remains open until March 15 (11:59pm CST) for three-month residencies beginning January 1, 2025.

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